September 21, 2018

Gelatinous Flumph

Comments from the Finger: This is the other result of that stream for The RPG Lab I joined in on last week. By sheer random chance, we actually rolled a second flumph, which this time was merged with a gelatinous cube. We had a great time thinking about how the monster's ecology would work, as well as working out how its mechanics would lay together.

Gelatinous Flumph

A unique breed of ooze, the gelatinous flumph resembles its floating, tentacled namesake in only the broadest terms. This ooze’s round central body floats near the ceilings of tunnels and caves, while its long, tentacle-like pseudopods hang down below it, probing for food and ensnaring those who wander too close.

September 20, 2018

Mage Hand Press Discord

Our secret clubhouse, where all the Digits and the other cool kids hang out, is finally opening its doors! That's right, our Discord is going public. If you're a patron, you still get access to a few private channels, but anyone else can join completely for free

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Tabletop Loot Dice Giveaway

We'll also be doing dice giveaways on our Discord, provided courtesy of Tabletop Loot. Check in the #announcements channel and click the Giveawaybot for a chance to win! We'll be running one giveaway a day for the next six days, so join in!

September 17, 2018


Comments from the Finger: I wrote this silly monster as a mash up of the tarrasque and the flumph for a stream of The RPG Lab. It was a total blast and we wrote most of another flumph-themed creature in the stream; you should totally check it out! Art by the extremely talented Lucas Ferreira CM

Gargantuan aberration, chaotic neutral

Armor Class 18 (natural armor)
Hit Points 296 (16d20 + 128)
Speed 10 ft., fly 40 ft. (hover)

September 14, 2018

Feats for Fashionistas

Notes from the Nails: did you all enjoy my little foray into fashion? This is the last one, I promise.

Feats for Fashionistas

These feats are all themed around clothing, which means they should be of interest to everybody. Except maybe barbarians. You can use them alongside my variant clothing rules, but you don't have to.

September 11, 2018



With the hustle and bustle of working on the Kickstarter and churning out our most recent Patreon post, I haven't been able plug our favorite podcast: Hero Club!

Hands down, this is one of the slickest podcasts out there. Ever since I did a one-shot session of Dark Matter a few weeks ago, I've gathered a new appreciation of the craftsmanship and effort it takes to make something sound as good as Hero Club does. 

Their current season, Adversary sees their four characters,  in an adventure through the old West to kill the devil himself. How do they plan to do this, you might ask? They're taking a page out of our book (literally) and using the Reaper Bullet magic item from our Weird West Update. To round out the party, we've got Ember, Jeremiah's sister and a badass demon huntress. (Also, it occured to me that Ember carries a lot of weapons. Too many weapons. Who needs that many weapons?)

- - -

Mary Elizabeth “Ember” Craig

Few people would bat an eye at Mary Elizabeth -- who prefers to go by Ember -- if they passed her at a saloon or on the road to town. Her unassuming fa├žade, however, conceals her identity as a fearsome demon hunter, one of the most dangerous people in the West. 
     Ember has slain creatures fouler than most people can imagine, and has acquired an armory and selection of tools to match her quarry: a pair of straight swords, with which she practices a unique dancing style of combat, a revolver, a derringer pistol holstered at her ankle, a shotgun, and a number of silver crucifixes, sharpened to a razor's edge and weighted for throwing. 

September 7, 2018

Circle of Yin and Yang

Druid Circle
Notes from the Nails: we've been kicking around an idea for an East Asian setting setting for a while. This druid is one of the ideas I came up with in relation to that.

Circle of Yin and Yang

Druids belonging to the circle of yin and yang are common throughout the Orient. Known as 'onmyoji', they are relied upon by both nobles and the peasantry for their skills in divination and disaster aversion. These priests practice and eclectic blend of mysticism, druidry and conventional religion, blending the philosophies of knowledge clerics with a kind of primal, esoteric reverence for the natural world.
     The most powerful onmyoji are able to bring their bodies and minds into perfect harmony with the natural world and take on the forms of various beasts. These shapeshifters are regarded with both awe and fear: the wisdom of their counsel is legendary but, in order to maintain their spiritual balance, many retreat into the mountains to live solitary lives, thus forcing petitioners to undertake challenging journeys to seek their advice.