August 23, 2017

Variant Rule PDFs

Many of you have asked why many of the variant rules we post don't get PDFs like the archetypes we post. The answer to this depends: sometimes, it's because I plan to release the rules in a PDF elsewhere (as I did with the firearm rules, which were included in the Gunslinger and the Weird West Update), and sometimes, it's because I don't think there's enough material for a post to warrant a PDF. Other times, it's just because these rules are posted on Wednesdays, and we don't usually do PDFs on Wednesdays.

Amazingly, Lv99Pangolin, rode in heroically to solve this problem, crafting 16 PDFs of our variant rules to cover all the gaps!

Check out the PDFs here, and be sure to thank him down in the comments!

August 21, 2017

Eclipse Conclave

Ranger Conclave
Notes from the Finger: So I'm getting up early to drive to the exact center path of the Great American Solar Eclipse. Anyone else doing the same?

Eclipse Conclave

Hunters of all sorts make it their mission to rid the world of their quarry, systematically eliminating dangerous aberrations, dragons, giants, and other such monsters that pose a threat to the innocent. Rangers who align themselves with the Eclipse Conclave, however, track and kill more insidious monsters -- those which hide in plain sight. Shapechangers, such as vampires, dopplegangers and lycanthropes, might escape the reach of the authorities and other rangers for a time, but the Eclipse Conclave always hunts them, finds them, and exposes them as creatures of the night hiding in broad daylight, before striking them down.

August 18, 2017

Siege Engineer

Martial Archetype
Notes from the Nails: pretty self-explanatory, this one. It is designed to work with the siege equipment in the DMG and the variant rules we published on Wednesday.

Siege Engineer

Fighters, widely regarded as the premier experts in weapons and tactics, generally stay away from siege equipment. Most consider that lumbering war machines, which require a large team to move, erect and operate, are best left to ordinary soldiers or specially-trained artillerists. Some, however, take a liking to these mighty engines of destruction and follow the path of the siege engineer.
     Siege engineers are at the cutting edge of military technology, constantly studying their weapons, refining them, plotting trajectories and looking for weak points in fortifications. Artillery crews led by experienced engineers are far more efficient, being quicker to deploy, more accurate in their attacks and better positioned to defend themselves against counter-attack.

August 16, 2017

Advanced Fortifications

Variant Rules
Notes from the Nails: this started out as a sidebar for the subclass we're publishing on Friday, but it ended up being its own thing!

Advanced Fortifications

Castles and other defensive structures are integral to the high fantasy experience, so it seems strange that only passing mention is made of them in the DMG. This article is an attempt to expand those rules and add some interesting variations.

The Anatomy of a Castle

Let's start with the fortifications themselves. There is a potential for massive variation between castles, depending on where they are located, what their purpose is and who built them. In particular, size, shape and material have a large impact on how much a castle costs to build and how difficult it might be to assault.

August 14, 2017

Street Fighter

Monastic Tradition
Comments from the Finger: We've done a brawler and we've done a pugilist. Why did it take us so long to do this?

Way of Street Fighting

The Way of Street Fighting is an urban discipline founded on necessity, whose blindingly fast, unique brand of martial arts has been honed and perfected in back-alley brawls and tournaments alike. Monks which adopt this relatively new technique place comparatively little value on spiritual enlightenment and karmic balance; the thrill of split-second timing, rapid combos, and decisive knock-outs drive them to become the best combatants in the world.

August 11, 2017


Martial Archetype
Comments from the Finger on behalf of the Knuckle: No puns this time, just a solid battlefield commander fighter. 


Throwing themselves into the fray, leading a daring charge, and breaching impenetrable walls, archetypal lionhearts are united by an unwavering resolve on the field of battle. They stand as beacons of courage to their fellow warriors, a living parable on the virtue of fearlessness. Though lionhearts make excellent generals and battlefield commanders, they are never far from the front lines, and will never give an order they wouldn’t carry out themselves.