July 12, 2018

Gungeon Items

Magic Items
Comments from the Finger: More items from Enter the Gungeon, this time mostly wondrous items. (Don't worry, we've got more magic firearms in the works.)

Gungeon Items

Wondrous item, common
This blessed bullet grants you a second lot at life. You can crush the blank as a reaction when you are targeted by a ranged weapon attack or must make a saving throw to avoid a number of oncoming projectiles. The blank disperses the oncoming projectile and all other projectiles in a 15-foot radius that aren't being worn or carried, causing the attack to miss or the saving throw to be automatically successful. A crushed blank is reduced to dust.

July 11, 2018

Dark Matter Reminder!

Just a quick reminder that the Dark Matter Kickstarter is coming up soon!

July 17th!!

July 10, 2018

Oath of Adrenaline

Sacred Oath
Notes from the Nails: here's a gnarly paladude for anyone who wants to smite the wicked slopes and destroy monster waves!

Oath of Adrenaline

Paladins who swear the Oath of Adrenaline are committing their lives to their one true love: extreme sport. These daredevils seek out thrills wherever they may be found, whether on the gleaming water, in the boundless sky, or atop the highest mountains -- but at the same time, they always seek to maintain a cool, relaxed, fun-loving demeanor. On the battlefield, their superior speed and agility allows them to run rings around their enemies, attacking quickly and from unexpected angles.

July 7, 2018

Dark Matter Covers

Another Dark Matter update! If you pledge during the Kickstarter to get Dark Matter, you can get access to a special, limited edition variant cover, which I'm proud to show off here:

The Dark Matter Kickstarter is July 17th! 

Put it on your calendar, tell your friends!

July 6, 2018

The Watcher

Otherworldly Patron
Comments from the Knuckle: The Knuckle didn't leave any comment here, so instead I (the Finger) will provide one: Watermelon watermelon, jibber-jabber jibber-jabber.

The Watcher

Prerequisite: eldritch blast cantrip
A beholder is an aberration of terrible might, possessing chaotic and destructive powers, rivaled only by a few horrible creatures. Their hatred of all other beings, especially other beholders, is legendary. There are, however, documented cases of beholders empowering a minion to do their bidding, typically, to assassinate a rival beholder or to commit some atrocity in the beholder's name. In addition to manifesting beholder-like powers, the personality of a beholder's warlock might also warp to become more like that of their patron, making them more xenophobic, covetous, and utterly hateful.

July 2, 2018

Iron Fist

Monastic Tradition
Comments from the Finger: Who says Iron Fist is the worst Marvel character? Netflix? Well, screw them! The Iron Fist comics are still rad, and they deserve an archetype!

Way of the Mystic Serpent

The ancient monastery of the Mystic Serpent resides only periodically on the Material Plane; the rest of the time, it is nestled in a serene demiplane of harmony and peace. When it returns, however, the monastery is besieged by warriors from their evil sister temple who seek to despoil the isolated paradise. The monastery's monks, therefore, have become well-versed in a style of martial arts bequeathed to them by wise, yet ascetic dragons, amplifying their ki powers, and granting them a devastating strike.