August 15, 2018

Podcast Parade Part 2: The Stream-oning

Actual play Dungeons and Dragons podcasts! Actual play Dungeons and Dragons podcasts! Due to warehouse inventory mismanagement, we're currently OVERSTOCKED on all Actual Play Dungeons and Dragons Podcasts and Streams and we're passing the savings onto YOUUUUU!!

Everyone's been asking us why we haven't shot one of our playtests of Dark Matter as an advertisement for the Kickstarter. The answer to that is twofold: firstly, we tried and (due to a litany of errors) we didn't have anything to show for it, and secondly, because there's people far more talented than us who will stream it!

Seriously, we've got a ton of talented groups to talk about and more content than you can shake a stick at, so it's time to do another podcasts and streams roundup:

Encounter Roleplay

First and foremost, we're super excited to see Encounter Roleplay dip their toes into Dark Matter for two streams, featuring Will Jones (@EncounterWill), Charlie (@FrostFrmFire), Nicklas (@nyvinter), and Pruitt from WebDM (@JPruInc)! The first stream is on:

Thursday 16th, at 8 PM EST

On the Encounter Roleplay Twitch channel! If you're at all interested in Encounter Roleplay, or you miss the stream and don't want to find it on Twitch, check out their YouTube channel.


Next up is DnD RAW Podcast (which stands for DnD Rules and Written, not DnD uncooked), which is one of our favorite new shows!  Of course, if you listen all through their episodes (which you absolutely should), you won't find us anywhere -- that's because they're revisiting streaming for a one shot of Dark Matter! You should all give them an extremely warm welcome on

Friday 17th, at 6 PM EST

On their Twitch Channel! And if you find you love these players as much as we do, dig through their podcast here. If you need another reason to stop by: they'll be doing a giveaway of Mage Hand Press branded d20s and stickers, so make sure you show up!

Adversary, Book 3 | Hero Club

And while we're at it, we can't forget to mention our favorite podcast, Hero Club, who are gun-slinging through the Old West on a quest to kill the devil himself in their most recent episode of Adversary. It's not Dark Matter, but (not to spoil it too much) there's one has a hell of a shootout in this one.

If you're interested in playing a western game, check out the Weird West Update (now 25% off with the discount code ADVERSARY.)

Spacecraft | Dark Matter Featurette

Last and certainly least, I showed up in a short featurette to talk about the guiding principles of space travel in Dark Matter. If you're a veteran of the setting, this won't have a lot of new material, but if you're just hearing about it, this might be a good primer.

August 14, 2018


Roguish Archetype
Comments from the Finger: Listening to the new season from Hero Club, Adversary, which uses our Weird West Update, has really got me thinking about the Weird West again. There's just something about the character dynamics this season which really gets me stoked to listen to more. If you haven't checked out Hero Club, our favorite podcast, check it out now!! It's an actual play podcast with all the production quality of a radio drama; it's the type of quality you can only get by bringing in super talented voice actors and some insanely good ambient background effects.
     Also, if you haven't tried out Weird West, you can get it now 25% OFF by using the discount code ADVERSARY.


In the untamed wilderness, you can have anything you can get your hands on, as long as you have the guts to take it for yourself. This belief is cherished by the archetypical bandit, who is ruthless and self-seeking, but not foolish; bandits nearly always run in gangs to protect themselves from other bandits and from the law. As threatening as a bandit might be when backed into a corner, a gang working in unison is a force to be feared. Such a team can rob anything from a bank to a moving train -- no lawman could hope to stop them.

August 11, 2018

Dark Matter is Fully Funded!

As of today, with two whole weeks left in the campaign, Dark Matter officially funded. Thank you so much to everyone who supported this project and thank you to everyone who spread the word about it. We have a long way to go, but this is a colossal milestone!

If you were on the fence about supporting before, Pledge Now!

Stretch Goals

Right on the horizon are the stretch goals, which are easily achievable and add really awesome stuff to the book.

August 9, 2018


Comments from the Finger: This is, perhaps, the best monster the Thumb and I have ever written. And it's one more reason you should pledge to get your copy of Dark Matter!


Thwirrels are innately psionic, rodent-like creatures that infest ships, cities, and colonies around the galaxy, feeding on a mixture of magical energy and any food they can scavenge. Most spacers describe them as foot-long, furry creatures with ferret-like bodies, four rabbit-like ears, and long bushy tails. Not all spacers, however, notice them.

August 8, 2018

Podcast Parade!

Here's a quick post to remind you of all the things that you can lean back and watch/listen to.

Hero Club: Adversary

Hero Club's third season, Adversary is in full swing, and it's shaping up to be their best season yet. They've got a real talent for constructing parties of captivating characters and packaging it in one of the most slickly-produced podcasts out there. (And holy cow, the Devil in that first episode was seriously amazing, as was the foul-mouthed gunslinger, the Gentleman) Best yet, they're using our Weird West Update! Episode 2 is out now, go give it a listen!

Listen here!

DnD Character Labs Podcast

Also, we were in an episode of DnD Character Labs Podcast! (Or specifically Mike, the Finger, was, and he had a blast!) If you don't know about this podcast, they do something we all love doing: building characters we'll definitely never play, making them as strong or silly as possible, then arguing about whether it's a good build or not. Check out the new episode Space Dicks, where we build characters from Dark Matter and argue about them!

Listen here!

Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies

Mike and Ben talk about how to build a compelling campaign setting in the newest Rocks Fall Everyone Dies. (This one landed a few days ago, but it hasn't yet gotten a mention here.) And, as you can expect, we ramble for a bit about our Kickstarter for Dark Matter. (PLEDGE NOW PLS)

August 6, 2018

Siegeball Sourcebook Free

The world's greatest fantasy sport is coming to a tabletop near you!

Are you ready? The long-awaited Siegeball Sourcebook is finally here! With this supplement, you can engage in the greatest fantasy sport ever devised, Siegeball. Two teams, two towers, one ball.

In fact, we love this sport so much that we've decided to release a free version of this book, complete with enough rules, archetypes, and equipment to play a Siegeball Tournament for your next campaign.

If you love this book and want even more of it, download the full book on the Mage Hand Press Patreon!