November 21, 2015

Magitech Update 2

The Sound of One Palm Clapping

First and foremost, an official welcome our newest contributor, The Palm! He's not new around here by any stretch; if you were a fan of the Kenasi (Rexux) or The Blood warlock patron, you'll be happy to know that The Palm is none other than Submortimer! We're really excited to invite him to the Digits, and together we're going to bring you some amazing things very soon!

More Schedule Changes

We're going to try to stick to a weekly schedule of publishing new content every Wednesday and Saturday (plus additional posts if we feel like it.)

Magitech Update 2

When we slowed down production a couple of months ago, I promised to start enriching your games with more ambitious projects. Thus, I bring you the biggest, most ambitious project to date. Magitech Update 2 is your gateway to playing a magitech world. It includes information on what a magitech world might look like, monsters to populate it, and even more magitech character options; everything you need to bring any magitech world to D&D Next.

If you read all the pieces as they came out, read this too. It includes pages of unreleased material and a d100 Trinkets table. Seriously, it's massive - this time we even included a Table of Contents; no joke.

You can find the first Magitech Update here.

It is written in legend that the Hand of Vecna once wore a ring composed of your butthurt, strengthed by your tears.


  1. Love this whole thing. You guys do a lot of good work! So much my next campaign is going to be based of the magitech stuff and I can't wait to see what my player's do.

    Thanks for taking the time to make all this!

  2. You're welcome! As always on this blog, if you find something you'd like clarified, or something you think is improperly balanced, drop us an email or comment, and we'll fix the problem.

    Happy gaming!

  3. This has inspired me to do an air pirates homebrew, but I don't know how I want to balance things. magitech stuff in general would be fairly common, but not on the scale of airships. I don't want it to be a case of "magitech airship flys in and pwns the little wooden sailing ship". any thoughts from the masters?

    1. You might have to be more specific. Are you talking about a subclass that utilizes airships, or some ruleset for airships themselves?

      If it's the former, I would grant some grapple-gun feature which would allow you to have a lot of vertical movement. (Basically:
      Grapple Gun
      You possess a grapple gun, a magitech device that projects a cable and pulls you along after, which is useful for moving about the ship and saving you from perilous falls. As a bonus action or a reaction when you fall, you can fire your grapple gun at a target location within your movement speed. If the target location can hold your weight, you are pulled there, expending movement normally.)

      Beyond that, it's up to which class or area you're focusing on.

    2. I was planning on having the airship be a mobile base for the party/almost a character in its own right, where the party uses it to travel and do pirate/mercenary work, and upgrade it using gold and mats they get from different jobs

    3. Frankly, I've thought about naval mechanics, but I wouldn't attempt to build a system to accommodate them myself, because it would simply be too complex to build something mathematically robust with a variety of ship and weapon types.

      To skirt this, make most of the combat ship-to-ship, and invest in a nice printed ship grid (we found one on paizo and printed it out ourselves.) This maximizes player interation (only one player can drive a ship, but every player can participate in combat), while minimizing complexity at the table.

      Hope that helps

  4. Spell Clock typo on page 15 "There are two varieties of spell clocks. Single Use spell clocks produce the spell once on a delay, and are destroyed, but can accept duration in a number of inutes."

    I assume it's meant to be minutes?

    Also, oddly enough.. every time I open the pdf (after downloading it), it opens the print dialogue screen. This doesn't happen with any of the other pdfs I downloaded from your creations.

    This stuff is amazing. Really impressed by your effort in these. Thinking of being inspired to offer some homebrew creations for you to include or edit if you desire.

  5. Pointing out the differences between the clockwork monsters here and the mechamancer's minions. Wondering if any are mistakes on one end.
    Spider: Has 2 extra HP, explodes on death.
    Automaton: Has multiattack, explodes on death.
    Knight: Martial advantage, longsword does 1d10 instead of 2d10 (This last one seems weirdest.)

  6. Now I need some good music for fighting robots.

    1. Just look for the Gurren Lagann soundtrack