June 13, 2018

d100 D&Diseases

Comments from the Finger: We got a big carried away with this bit and we ended up with 50 of them. It's a good thing. 

Sometimes the local village doesn't have an outbreak of mummy rot or devil's foot, or some other horrible sounding ailment; sometimes, it's a mostly harmless bug going around. Here's a bunch of diseases to throw at your players!

1-2Chickening Pox 
3-4The Swine Flew
5-6Achy Breaky Bones
7-8"Bard's Itch"
9-10Burning Hands and Feet
11-12Chaotic Personality Disorder
13-14Club Horn (for tieflings and orcs)
15-16Dungeon Fever
17-18Sudden Existence Failure
19-20Daddy Rot
21-22Abyssal Worms
23-24Hypoactive Luck Syndrome
25-26Goblin Breath
27-28Duergar Pattern Baldness
29-30Healing Potion Dependency
31-32Elven Existential Ennui
33-34Chronic Depressive Disorder with Edgelord Tendencies
35-36Beholder Eye
39-40Tasha's Hideous Dermatitis
41-42Post-Dungeon Paranoia Disorder
43-44Zombie Decay
45-46Wizard's Burnout
47-48Mage's Hand
49-50Otto's Compulsive Dancing Disorder
51-52Potion of Giant Strength Addiction
53-54Attention Dysfunction Haste Disorder  
55-56Illusion/Hallucination Confusion Disorder
57-58Adventurer's Back Strain
59-60Manic Pixie Disorder (Generalized)
61-62Summoner's Sickness
63-64Strumpet's Ooze
65-66Hatter's Madness
67-68Hero's Delusion
69-70The Alchemical Shakes
75-76Impacted Wisdom Modifier
77-78Backstory Amnesia
79-80Mad Gnome Disease
81-82Chronic Backstabbing Disorder
83-84Familiar Syndrome
87-88World-Domination Delusion
89-90Lich's Itch
91-92Axe Hands
93-94Spontaneous Rageitus
95-96Repeated Resurrection Whiplash
97-98Post-Invisibility Discoloration
99-100Terminal Scrying Disease


  1. So are their effects to these diseases or do i just adsume litchs itch is what bards get after a fine day of man whorein.

  2. Make bard's itch not 100% curable by any means, ma be temporarily cured but has a chance to relapse. to quote leo from that 70's show "Don't be fooled man, VD comes back."

    1. I'm quoting that 70's show a lot, and that's one quote that luckily never came up... till now.

  3. How does this not have the "funny" tag?

    1. Because Bard's Itch is a deadly serious disease!


      I'll add the tag.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Daddy Rot? What a loaded name.

    2. To paraphrase Derrick Allen's quote of that 70's show: "Don't be fooled man, VD comes back... In time!"

    3. Just in case any of you missed the pun (I don't like explaining jokes, but my fellow digits all missed it at first because it only works in British English): it's a play on the canonical disease Mummy Rot. You know, because we call our parents mummy and daddy over here.

      I know, I know.