December 10, 2018

Dark Matter Changelog

Dark Matter has been updated! Thanks everyone for playtesting.

This page contains each and every change that we make in the book (except for things like typos, which don't affect the mechanics).

If you find an error that hasn't been fixed yet, you can report it here.

  • Art: p.VI Cartoony vect added in place of amoeboid
  • Art: p.54 Avia-Ra gadgeteer (and robo-chicken sidekick) added
  • Art: p.226: Sepulcher Knight added
  • [typos]
  • Gadgeteer: Tech Specialties: Futurist: Tactical Analysis: Now recharges on a short or long rest
  • Gadgeteer: Gadgets: Micro-Turret: AC and HP added
  • Gadgeteer: Micro-Missile: Damage decreased to 1d6 per missile
  • Character Options: Subclasses: Druid Circles: Circle of Configuration: Construct Form: Mobile Configuration: Climbing Speeds reworked
  • Character Options: Fighter: Fighting Styles: Moved into Sidebar
  • Character Options: Subclasses: Sorcerer Origins: Radiation Freak: Isotope Poisoning: Requires an action
  • Character Options: Subclasses: Warmage Houses: House of Lancers: Shock Trooper: Worded to clear up order of operations
  • Character Options: Feats: Role Feats: Ace Pilot: Mechanics cleared up to agree with Pilot role
  • Character Options: Backgrounds: Ace Pilot: Tools changed to Ship Maintenance Tools
  • Character Options: Skills: Data: Interactions with a device that does not have an interface requires the use of an interface rig
  • Equipment: Armor: Sidebar ("Calculating AC") added clarifying PHB rules on stacking sources of armor class
  • Equipment: Gear: Hacking Rig: Renamed Interface Rig [all references in the book changed to interface rig]
  • Equipment: Gear: Roach added to gear table and descriptions with a price of 100 gp
  • Equipment: Magic Items: Attractor Mines: Deployment range decreased to 40 feet
  • Equipment: Magic Items: Drone Controller: Requires attunement
  • Monsters: Collector Vat: Average damage of tentacle attack fixed
  • Monsters: Scrap Golem: Berserk happens at 60 HP
  • Monsters: Spaceshark: Type changed to monstrosity 
  • Monsters: Var'Zuul Colossus: Sized changed to Mega
  • Monsters: Wrothian Alpha: Melee weapon attacks calculate based on Strength
  • Monsters: NPCs: Bureaucrat: Skill proficiencies in Deception and Persuasion added
  • Monsters: NPCs: Spacer name fixed (was Pilot)

  • Gadgeteer: Starting Equipment: Now uses Dark Matter equipment packs, instead of listing new gear
  • Gadgeteer: Overcharge: Gadgeteer: Overcharge: Adding +Int to damage moved to 11th level from 5th level to smooth out damage curve
  • Gadgeteer: Gadgets: Sonic Amplifier: Noise Burst requires a Constitution save from targets
  • Ships: Systems: Arcane Cannon: Now requires its user to be in the Gunner role, not the Engineer role
  • Ships: Systems: New system: Hypercapacitor; removed from upgrades, self-charges
  • Ships: Systems: Cloaking: Deactivates automatically if the ship takes damage
  • Ships: Example Ships: Hypercapacitor added to various ships
  • Ships: Example Ships: Number of Gunners changed to account for arcane cannon
  • Monsters: Android: CR increased to 4
  • Appendices: Conditions: Spells with a verbal component can't be cast in a vacuum
  • New Art: N-Vect