December 15, 2017


Base Class
Comments from the Finger: A base class treat for Christmas!
     The Channeler is the one true gish for 5th edition. No longer do you have to settle for divine paladins, multiclassing, or anemic fighter archetypes -- this dedicated class balances swordplay and spellcasting in a single package that doesn't overpower or lag behind any Core options. Moreover, the unique concentration choices and the use of arcana points in place of conventional spell slots makes the Channeler a flexible and interesting class for any encounter.
     That's all for now -- we're taking some time off until January 3rd.


Working furtively with chalk, incense, and an immense tome of diagrams and arcane glyphs, a bespectacled gnome traces an elaborate circle of the floor. With a flick of his wrist, the tile floor vanishes; beyond is a field engulfed in flames, and a metallic city looms in the distance.
     A figure clad in a hooded azure robe draws a longsword, hefts it high in one hand, and vanishing across the room, brings the blade crashing down on a dragon’s head, releasing a hail of sparks.
     Skilled in sword and spell alike, channelers are dynamic and formidable mages who draw their power from the planes of the multiverse. This connection stems from an object called the channeler’s key, which they use to unlock the doors of the universe.

Channeler Spells

Comments from the Finger: The vast majority of spells in 5e require saving throws, which I consider a great shame. When you're playing D&D, it's fun to roll dice, whether or not you're a spellcaster. We've created these spells in order to fill this important gap (at last in the lower tiers of spells), and to support our newest class, the Channeler, a new gish that gets a lot of mileage from spell attacks.

Channeler Spells

Masters of planar arcana and keepers of dimensional secrets, channelers possess a handful of unique spells not known to other spellcasters. Because they favor focusing their concentration on the Planes of Existence, most channeler spells are brief flashes of great power, such as arcane rays, that do not require sustained attention.

These spells are used by our Channeler class.

December 13, 2017

Dark Souls Items: Magic Weapons

Magic Items
Comments from the Thumb: Just in case items and rings weren't enough for you, I've got one last gift in the form of a few of my favorite weapons and weapon infusions. Prithee be careful. I don't want to see m' work squandered...

Magic Weapons

Scattered throughout the world are powerful magic weapons, forgotten by time, waiting to be discovered and used in battle once again. Such weapons are unique, often legendary, their names remembered long after the warriors who used them have been forgotten.

December 11, 2017

Witch Hex Cards

Comments from the Finger: I might do this for the other base classes eventually, too.

Hex Cards

These cards are additions to our Witch class.

If you're one of those tables that uses spell cards, playing a homebrew class can be frustrating, since your class abilities are split between the printed cards and the notes on your character sheet. When when we made cards for the Binder we learned that transferring certain class features to cards is extremely helpful, and can make a class twice as fun to play. So now we're doing that with the Witch!

When you print these cards out on 8.5x11 paper, they should be exactly the right size to slip into a card sleeve.

December 9, 2017

Fury Magic

Sorcerous Origin
Comments from the Finger: This one came about because we decided that (pretty soon) we should remake the Rage Mage barbarian, so that there can be a reasonably good gish option for barbarians. Until then, we figured that an angry sorcerer is a lot like a Super Saiyan, which means that it's more than worth an archetype of its own.

Fury Magic

The mark of a deep, unabiding rage surges through your blood, empowering your wrath with arcane devastation. The origin of your sorcerous magic is your anger: as your fury grows, so too does your arcane might, swelling like a wave until all who stand before you are swept aside in a torrent of fire and blood.
     Perhaps these powers have existed in your family for generations, a heritage of hot-headedness and explosive outbursts, passed from father to son. Or perhaps you are the first in a century to manifest them. Regardless, from the moment your temper first drew forth arcane flames, your life was irreparably changed.

December 6, 2017

Dark Souls Items: Magic Rings

Magic Items
Comments from the Thumb: What's that? You wanted more Dark Souls stuff? Here are some rings, so you don't get yourself killed. After all, neither of us wants to see you go Hollow.

Dark Souls Items: Magic Rings

There are many ways of protecting oneself when plumbing the depths of the abyss or exploring ruined cities, not the least of which are magic rings. Through countless ages of fire and dark, many of these rings have weathered the march of time to find their way into the hands of numerous adventurers.