November 25, 2020


Base Class
Comments from the Finger: A co-creation of the Palm and myself (with the Pinky lending plenty of help on the most recent revision), this class bundles up Constantine, the Winchester Brothers, Scooby Doo, and Hellboy into a single mystery-solving, supernatural-killing package! As always, we design our classes around a single keyword, so I present to you "Ritual, the Class!"


A collage of diagrams, maps, and small items litters the wall, pinned with nails and connected by a spiderweb of colorful strings. An elf stands nearby, contemplating the mystery splayed out in front of her and readying her crossbow for work. 
    A half-orc wearing a wide-brimmed hat leafs through a thick tome, double-checking the preparations: a sturdy net trap, holy symbols on the doors, cloves of garlic, and several dozen wooden stakes. The preparations made, the half-orc slinks into the shadows and readies himself for the bloodshed. 
    Hastily tracing symbols in chalk, a human wearing a long coat whirls about in a wide arc, completing a rough magic circle in mere seconds. A monstrously fat demon, blood dripping with its drool, lunges at him, but instead impacts off an invisible magical barrier, a cylinder raised from the circle’s edge. The fiend howls with rage, and the inquisitor breathes a sigh of relief.
    Supernatural detectives and monster slayers, investigators are always on the hunt for malevolent outsiders. Whenever evil seeps into the world—be it fiends, undead, or strange abominations from beyond the stars—investigators will be the first to locate them and banish their foul corruption from the mortal plane.

November 18, 2020

Fungal Fighter

Martial Archetype
Notes from the Nails: sometimes, an idea just comes to me and just works, you know? I'm really happy with how this one came out. It's so simple, but so effective.

Fungal Fighter

Whether by accident or by choice, a fungal fighter’s body is suffused with parasitic lifeforms: crusty shelf fungi, bulbous mushrooms, creeping molds, and colorful lichens. Although that might sound unpleasant, a fungal fighter actually has a symbiotic relationship with their fungi, which brings benefits to both parties. In exchange for a steady supply of high quality food, the parasites can make their host stronger and tougher, immune to poisons and diseases, and capable of releasing clouds of toxic spores as a defensive technique.

November 11, 2020

Master of Masks Redux

Bardic College
Comments from the Finger: The all-time favorite bard is back and better than ever!

College of Masks

Bards in the College of Masks (the masters of masks, as they have come to be called) are virtuoso performers who practice becoming the figure they portray, rather than merely imitating them. Bards who join in this college come to believe that all life is performed, rather than lived, and that to become an actor in this Great Play requires that one merely puts on the metaphorical mask of another. To engage in this great stage drama, a master of masks carries with him a number of masks, each a potent magical artifact of a specific archetypal character or creature to allow them to better enter those roles.

November 7, 2020


Ranger Archetype
Comments from the Pinky: Hands in the air, this is a surprise post! We've been hard at work revamping some old subclasses, and even writing some new ones like this robbin' hooded ranger. Keep an eye out for more subclasses soon!


For bandits, bank robbers, and green-clad folk heroes, there’s no better way to make money than robbing nobles at knifepoint, especially in caravans. None are more prosperous at roadside robbery, perhaps, than highwaymen, who leverage their stealth and numbers to steal anything they wish, before escaping into the trees with their bounty. A team of bandits work in smooth coordination, watching each other's backs in a choreographed theater of shouting, looting, and cutting down anyone who runs.

November 4, 2020

Mage Hand Magus

Martial Archetype
Comments from the Finger: You really gotta hand it to us. It was all hands on deck to get this adaptation of the teleknight done, but we're old hands at this, so we didn't need any underhanded design tricks -- we got our hands dirty and have this neat, handmade subclass!

Mage Hand Magus

Blades sweeping around in dramatic arcs, propelled by ghostly, disembodied hands -- the Mage Hand Magi are truly a force to be reckoned with. While wizards are content to use mage hand to retrieve their wands and open doors from across the room, the cantrip’s potential has always been clear for warriors: a deft mage hand can afford dozens of feet between a soldier and their foe, letting them deal a killing blow without raising a fingertip. Mage Hand Magi have mastered this cantrip through practice and discipline, elaborating a trick pioneered by warmages into a deadly fighting style of twin hovering blades. The most skilled can even manifest a warhand, a grand fist of magical wrath, with which to crush their enemies. 

October 28, 2020

Variant Rule: Alternate Spellcasters

Comments from the Pinky: For those times when you really wanted to be a Wizard, but your parents sent you to Cleric school, we got you.

Alternate Spellcasters

Many times, a character concept will come to mind that fits the features and traits of a class, but not the ability scores central to that class. A Bard whose inspirations stem from study and learning rather than music or charm. A Paladin whose fervor and zeal are tempered by a lifetime in service to their cause. Such characters might favor abilities contrary to those primary to their spellcasting ability score, and can use the following optional rule to retrofit their mechanical elements to meet their narrative needs.