June 10, 2021

Force Missile Mage Redux

Arcane Tradition
Comments from the Finger: One of the all-time favorite wizards is back! The core mechanics didn't change too much, but things have been condensed and refined quite a bit.

School of Magic Missile

Magic missile is a staple wizard spell, well-loved for its versatility and unerring accuracy. As a missile magician, however, your fondness for the spell borders on obsession. Your studies focus entirely on this spell, exploring every rune in the spell’s composition and analyzing every aspect of its casting, resulting in new augmentations and greater power than ever before.

May 20, 2021

Temporal Trickster Redux

Roguish Archetype
Comments from the Finger: The reduxes just keep coming! This one rides on the back of all of the newly polished up chronomancy spells -- let me know what you think!

Temporal Trickster

Of the rogues who dabble in magic, only a few possess the aptitude to master chronomancy, the magic of time. These skillful dilettantes practice a variety of professions, for the ability to manipulate time is useful in all manner of roguish pursuits. With a flick of the fingers, a temporal trickster can freeze time, rearrange seconds, or leap into the future. 

May 12, 2021

Reincarnated Hero Redux

Sorcerous Origin
Comments from the Finger: Boom! More reduxes in preparation of the Next Big Book! We wanted this to be the best possible version of a sorcerer gish, and I think we're on the right track. 
Note that if you don't have access to the warmage's many Blade cantrips, you should just use Booming Blade and Green-Flame Blade at 1st level. (After Image at 3rd is in the Investigator, if you're wondering.)

Reincarnated Hero

Sorcerers gain their powers in mysterious ways that they seldom have control over. You are the reincarnation of a legendary hero, known to have slain many terrible foes. Being called back to life, whether by the gods, a very powerful mage, or a persistent curse on your soul, has left the indelible mark of sorcery upon you and awakened your ancient instincts for battle.

April 28, 2021

Master of Shadows Redux

Roguish Archetype
Comments from the Finger: The triumphant return of one first rogue subclasses we ever wrote (and still one of the most unique we've ever touched upon). This has always been an extremely interesting subclass, mechanically, since it involves granting you a minion which can let you proc Sneak Attack for free -- hopefully we got the balance perfect this time!

Shadow Master

Rogues that wish to gain membership in the furtive Order of Shadow Masters must perform twelve trials, train relentlessly, and undergo the Umbral Rite, a ritual of profound darkness that severs their shadow from their heels. In return, they grow pale and gaunt with empty holes for eyes, but can manipulate the shadows as one does a marionette. They can summon inky blackness and see through impenetrable night, while their shadows skulk about the walls and floors, doing their every bidding.

April 21, 2021


Base Class
Comments from the Finger: This class takes the cliché blood caster concept and divines it up a bit, so you too can live the dream of dying a glorious death!


Squalid masses crowd draw close around a young dwarf in spotless clothing. He touches them each in turn, healing injuries, curing illnesses, and restoring hope.
A ragged tiefling speaks in a crowded square. As if in response, dark clouds gather over her head and the earth trembles at her words.
A mad king spits and swears from his throne at imperial guards who have fled or been slain. A lone dragonborn stands before him, solemnly preparing herself for divinely-demanded regicide.
Martyrs are implements of the gods, hand-picked to spill their blood in service of a divine cause. Such an end is inevitable, for once a martyr is chosen, their fate is fixed in the heavens.

April 7, 2021

Oath of Storms Redux

Sacred Oath
Comments from the Pinky: Thunderbolts and lightning, very very frightening me!

Oath of Storms

The Oath of Storms calls paladins to the salty brine and choppy seas, the altar of the raging storm. Paladins who swear this oath embrace the sea’s dispassionate neutrality, and uphold few core tenets. With rare exceptions, these paladins are directionless crusaders, guided by the winds and tide, and might maintain distant lighthouses, hunt down vicious pirates, or seek undiscovered lands, as the gales dictate. Storm knights, as they are often called, have a long memory for vengeance, however, and deep penchants for superstition. Always listen to the wisdom of a storm knight, lest the winds turn foul and the ocean tempestuous.