February 24, 2021

Oath of Eternal Night Redux

Sacred Oath
Comments from the Pinky: I am vengeance, I am the night. I am a level 20 paladin.

Oath of Eternal Night

Paladins who swear the Oath of Eternal Night forgo the lofty standards of conduct and shining armor of their compatriots: instead, they don blackened armor and carry out assassinations, conduct subterfuge, and mete out vigilante justice under cover of night. Such paladins, often called ravens, bind themselves to higher ideals of justice, transcending law and allegiances, so that they can right the wrongs that go unpunished. Every foul action has its consequence, and when no others rise to the challenge, the blade of a raven is not far behind. 

February 17, 2021

Path of Heavy Metal

Primal Path
Comments from the Pinky: Another redux rocking a new name, this rework of the Path of Thunder is back in black and ready to rumble.

Path of Heavy Metal

The barbarians of the Path of Heavy Metal do not do things by halves. They fight the strongest foes, swing the biggest axes, and play the loudest music. For this reason, any battle they get involved in tends to be noisy, violent, and short.
Armored only in face paint and studded belts, these fearless hellions are known for screaming their enemies into submission and trashing taverns, though they can also be thoughtful and erudite when not tapping into their primal fury. Away from the battlefield, the “thunderheads” form a tight fraternity, bonded together by absolute commitment to their path and the shared recognition that the life of an adventurer—with its grueling travel, explosive violence, and unfamiliar lodgings—is essentially a never-ending tour.

February 10, 2021

Celestial Lancer

Martial Archetype
Comments from the Pinky: The Dragoon Redux Redux, this time with 100% less dragons.

Celestial Lancer

Feared frontline warriors bearing lances and unique, streamlined armor, Celestial Lancers are famous for their Meteor Jump, a supernatural technique taught only to the rare few. The lancers trace their origins back to an order of dragon hunters who learned to leap above diving dragons and pin their wings with a swift, downward lance strike. This technique, combined with a suite of mystical powers drawn from the yawning sky, make the lancers decisive warriors in the arena of vertical combat. Though Celestial Lancers may be hampered in claustrophobic dungeons, they excel underneath the open sky, where they can leap high and come crashing down for devastating impacts.

February 3, 2021

Fiddler of the Mad God Redux

Bardic College
Comments from the Finger: "Louder and louder, wilder and wilder, mounted the shrieking and whining of that desperate viol. The player was dripping with an uncanny perspiration and twisted like a monkey, always looking frantically at the curtained window."

College of the Mad God

In the middle of the night, you hear the music. Every time, it begins the same way, rising from a low drone into a deafening cacophony. The noise is maddening. In your waking hours, your fingers learn to imitate this melody and bring others to your level of psychosis.
    Some attribute the dreadful nightmares to a curse or stress, but you know better. You and others like you are called nightly by the beating of vile drums and the thin monotonous whine of accursed flutes, the sounds of a mad god who echoes the pandemonium of the universe, and summons you to do something. You know not what.

January 27, 2021

Destruction Domain Redux

Divine Domain
Comments from the Pinky: Some clerics just want to watch the world burn.

Destruction Domain

Some gods revel only in the crushing of walls and the burning of cities. These gods of destruction, critical counterparts to the gods of creation and mercy, need not be evil, but have a strong tendency toward chaos and enforcing the eternal cycle of death and rebirth. Clerics who follow such deities often have a deep personal connection with their chosen god. In some cases, they were spared from destruction in order to wreak it upon others; in others, they have pleaded with the god for priesthood to destroy a single foe; others still simply worship their god out of reverent fear.

January 20, 2021

Path of the Dad

Primal Path
Comments from the Pinky: We all have that one friend who's just the dad of the group.

Path of the Dad

You’re a dad, the largest and hairiest of barbarians. Regardless of your gender, or whether or not you actually have children, you have channeled enough of the enigmatic Big Dad Energy to earn paternal status, and the effects have been dire. You feel the compulsion to tell jokes which evoke only groans, call people things like “missy” and “sport”, give someone a talking to, and grill meat. You may even grow a beard or develop a beer belly. Worry not; these are merely your first steps along the path to become the ultimate dad.