August 18, 2020

Wrothian Vampire

Comments from the Finger: Consider this very much a double-post, since this beastie is included in the Encyclopedia Multiplanaria, but I thought it was worth a second post here. 

Wrothian Vampire

Wrothian exiles usually die within a decade of leaving their colony, for without the psionic nourishment of their stygian ships, their bodies simply deteriorate. However, a few wrothians have circumvented this grim fate by embracing an even darker alternative: vampirism. A wrothian vampire can extract psionic energy from a living creature, and subsist on that alone. They are undead predators of the night, given to cold-blooded hunting and bloodthirsty attacks. Like other vampires, wrothians shun sunlight and can be dispatched with a stake to the heart, but can’t transform into a bat or disappear into a cloud of mist. Instead, they wield a unique suite of terrible psionic powers, derived from their unique biology and the warped curse of vampirism that afflicts them.

Art contributed by: Matt Pegoraro (@mattpegoraro)

August 8, 2020

Encyclopedia Multiplanaria

If you haven't backed the Dark Matter Starter Set Kickstarter, you should do so today! 

Even if you haven't backed, you can still get social stretch goals by telling your friends about the campaign using the #DarkMatter5e hashtag. Every single social stretch goal adds a bit to the Encyclopedia Multiplanaria, a collection of monsters, NPCs, and planet descriptions for use in your Dark Matter games. Check in regularly for new content, and don't forget to use the #DarkMatter5e hashtag!

July 29, 2020

Kickstarter is Live!

The Dark Matter Starter Set Kickstarter is live!

We’re thrilled to have some new, kick-ass products for you, along with big plans about where we’re taking this setting in the near future.

Starter Kit

The big centerpoint of this Kickstarter is the Dark Matter Starter Kit, a box similar to the D&D Essentials Kit that gives you everything you need to start playing right away. It contains a full adventure, Conspiracy in the Stars!, pregenerated characters, a GM Screen, Basic Dark Matter rules, dice, battle maps, and more! With this box, you can dip your toes into the sprawling universe of Dark Matter, even if you’ve never played DnD before. Makes a great gift for newbies and RPG veterans alike!

Conspiracy in the Stars!

Let’s talk about that adventure. Conspiracy in the Stars! is a gripping neo-noir mystery set in Port Nomad, a seedy asteroid station on the edge of gnomish space. You’ll find yourself unraveling an underworld web of lies and assassinations, as the very future of the ‘verse hangs in the balance. For 3rd to 5th level characters, this provides a perfect introduction to Dark Matter for new players, and a welcome sojourn for existing groups. It was penned by an all-star cast of writers, including Donathin Frye, Charlie Smith, Simon Goudreault, and Makenzie De Armas.

Even More Dark Matter

This Kickstarter is also allowing us to do a second print run of Dark Matter, as well as get some awesome merch out there into the world. Ever wanted a Dark Matter GM screen? What about custom Dark Matter dice from Level Up Dice? Or a handmade Dark Matter dice vault from Wyrmwood? Find all that and more on the new Dark Matter Kickstarter!


July 22, 2020

Dark Matter Orcs and Errata

Comments from the Finger: I made a full apology on Twitter about how we've handled orcs in Dark Matter, and why we're trying to change them. I won't reiterate all of it here, but suffice it to say, we're trying to do better, and this is something we can meaningfully change. 


First and foremost, we're changing some bits within Dark Matter, which will be reflected in all subsequent reprints. In the following PDF, significant sections of the "Orcs and Goblinoids" section have been rewritten. It attempts to cast the orcs in the universe in a different light, separating them from goblinoids as a whole. Furthermore, the following terms throughout the book are changed: the “Orc Warzone” and “Orc Warhorde” are changed to the “Warzone” and “Warhorde” respectively, and are cast almost exclusively with hobgoblins, bugbears, and gnolls.


We've also included an orc race which is compatible with Dark Matter. Besides just providing more context to orcs in this setting, it now lets you play orc characters in your campaigns!


On a far less considered note, the Dark Matter Starter Kit Kickstarter launches in just seven days! If you want the breakdown of what we're launching, head to and get the free demo!

We'll show off more of what we're planning here over the next few days, so watch this space!

July 15, 2020

Variant Rules | Into the Wilds

In this series, we'll be expanding on the work begun in our supplement of fairies and fariy tales, Fey Folio, by extending the world building, exploring additional mechanics, and fleshing out the Fey's fantastical world. Join us as we embark Into the Wilds.

Variant Rules

We introduced a number of environmental hazards in Fey Folio, but most of these are quite limited in scope, and it is left to the GM as to when and how they are implemented. This article is intended to expand on these optional rules with some more comprehensive variant rules that should make adventuring in the Feywild much more memorable. Also in today's post: a full reprint of our Weird Arcana table (a 100-entry alternative to the Wild Magic Surge table, since that is not included in the SRD).

July 1, 2020

Dark Matter is Back!

It’s finally happening! On July 29th, we’re Kickstarting the Dark Matter Starter Kit, which includes everything you need to start playing, right out of the box. It features a brand new adventure, "Conspiracy in the Stars!", penned by an all-star team of writers (our good friends Donathin Frye, Charlie Smith, Simon Goudreault, and Makenzie De Armas). The box also comes with a GM Screen, monster tokens, a fold-out battle map, standalone rules, and more!

Download the Free Demo! 

We’ll also be using this Kickstarter to fund a second, larger print run of Dark Matter, as well as two longer and more elaborate adventures set in our science fiction universe. The Starter Kit is entirely finished and ready to go into production; we just need your help funding the print run.

Visit the Kickstarter Page! 

Go out there and tell people about this awesome upcoming Kickstarter, and remember to use #DnDinSpace or #IWishIWasInSpace whenever you do!