February 26, 2020

Magic Items 1 | Into the Wilds

Magic Items
Notes from the Nails: we gave you a whole bunch of magic items in Fey Folio, but I ain't done yet! Here are some more ideas to add a bit of faerie splendor to your games...

Fey Magic Items
The following magical items are closely associated with fey creatures, being either used by the creatures themselves, or gifts commonly given to friendly humanoids. Please note that some of the spells and weapon types used here - as well as the Weird Arcana table - can be found in Fey Folio.

February 14, 2020

The Emerald and Frolicking Courts | Into the Wilds

In this series, we'll be expanding on the work begun in our supplement of fairies and fairy tales, Fey Folio, by extending the world building, exploring additional mechanics, and fleshing out the Fey's fantastical world. Join us as we embark Into the Wilds.

Notes from the Nails: the Emerald Court aren't villains, you know. They actually identify as eco-terrorists.

The Emerald Court

The Emerald Court is the home of the Feywild's environmentalists. Greens, if you will. In the spirit of classic D&D ethics, we've made this court determinedly, aggressively Neutral, putting the needs of wild nature above any and all moral or ethical concerns. It seems entirely fitting that fey creatures would take this particular issue to its most extreme expression, since living in tune with nature is an intrinsic part of what it means to be fey. No one wants to stop deforestation more than dryads, after all!

February 5, 2020

Faceless Goon

Martial Archetype
Notes from the Nails: you know who doesn't get enough credit? Henchmen. It is a truth rarely acknowledged that without loyal minions, there would be no supervillains.

Faceless Goon

As a faceless goon, it is your job to do whatever your evil master demands, assisting them in their crimes and serving as their guards and soldiers whenever required. As such, you are an expert in all-around violence, including but not limited to smashing, bashing, shanking, clobbering, blowing things up and mowing people down.

January 23, 2020

Circle of Stones

Druid Circle
Comments from The Finger: Another one made with our friend, Grand Moff Xela.

Standing stone by old road is the way
To lead you ever deeper into fae
Laystone as you lay in hill or del
Greystone leads to Faeriniel

Circle of Stones

Age-old monuments crafted in forgotten times attest to a simple truth: there is power in stones. Druids who join the ancient Circle of Stones carry on the tradition of raising stone henges in places of great power, where leylines intersect and magic strengthens. Such locations are marked as nexuses of power, where the Old Magic of the Old Gods is still heeded -- but such things are known only to a few druids today. All others see the looming stone monuments as enigmatic circles, and a grim reminder of the enormity of time.

January 12, 2020

The Dreamer

Otherworldly Patron
Comments from the Finger: Mr Sandman, bring me a dream.

The Dreamer

Your patron is a being from beyond your world, who communicates with you only in dreams. They might appear as a wise tutor, a frightening monster, or remain unseen, but their origins and motives are a mystery. What is known is that their presence at night has bestowed you marvelous power over sleep and dreams.

January 3, 2020

Path of Superiority

Primal Path
Notes from the Nails: new goal: make a maneuver subclass for every class.

Path of Superiority

You've always thought "barbarian" was a relative term. Sure, you rely on your rage and finely-honed muscles in a fight, but does that make you an uncultured brute? Clearly not, when you have studied the art of war just as closely as any painter has studied the "fine" arts. Who has the right to say what is and isn't "civilized", anyway?
     Perhaps you'll just have to prove them wrong. If a so-called barbarian can learn the same martial techniques as their greatest masters, maybe then they'll have to re-evaluate the nomenclature, eh?