November 4, 2019

Other Unconventional Mimics

Comments from the Finger: Thanks to Lethods and GallicanCourier on the MHP Discord for coming up with most of these!

We just released our Mimic Book of Mimics, which contains all that is known of mimickind to the realm of science. Its pages detail 14 varieties of the common mimic, from the gigantic bluff, to the diminutive mock. However, the book's esteemed author, Guyle Notasham, detailed many more mimics in his personal writings. Such specimens were not given the same care as those detailed in the Mimic Book, but nonetheless deserve further research and attention from the magical community at large.

November 1, 2019

School of Arithmetick

Arcane Tradition
Notes from the Nails: been a while since we've done a wizard, eh? No prizes for guessing the inspiration here!

School of Arithmetick

Arithmeticians are particularly learnèd wizards who use numerical techniques to analyze natural phenomena and execute pinpoint magical attacks. Their skill with numbers extends into the metaphysical realm, warping the laws of probability and enabling them to achieve incredible efficiency in everything they do.

October 24, 2019

Path of Tranquility

Primal Path
Comments from the Finger: A clever little barbarian crafted by our friend Grand Moff and refined by yours truly. I'm pretty happy with how it came out.

Path of Tranquility

Barbarians of the Path of Tranquility follow a strange philosophy for their kind. Unlike their furious berserker brethren, the Serene, as they are often called, practice restraint and moderation in their rage. They are calm, tactical fighters, striking swiftly and without warning.

October 10, 2019


Sorcerous Origin
Notes from the Nails: been a while since I've written a sorcerer. This one is inspired by my own personal life!


Some people are cursed with bad luck from the day they were born. Known as 'jinxes', they are shunned everywhere they go, for fear that their misfortune will affect anyone who gets too close. As it goes, this fear is actually well-founded, for a jinx really can inflict their curse on other people and, with training, they can even harness it into a potent source of magical energy.

October 3, 2019

Path of Thunder

Primal Path
Notes from the Nails: got a bunch of lame-ass bards all up in your face? Time to pull out your ax and bring that heavy metal thunnnnnderrrrr!!

Path of Thunder
The barbarians of the Path of Thunder do not do things by halves. They fight the strongest foes, swing the biggest axes, and play the loudest music. For this reason, any battle they get involved in tends to be noisy, violent, and short.
     Armored only in face paint and studded belts, these fearless hellions are known for screaming their enemies into submission and trashing taverns, though they can also be thoughtful and erudite when not tapping into their primal fury. Away from the battlefield, the 'thunderheads' form a tight fraternity, bonded together by absolute commitment to their path and the shared recognition that the life of an adventurer—comprising as it does grueling travel, explosive violence, and unfamiliar lodgings—is essentially a never-ending tour.

September 25, 2019

Summoner | Class Under Construction

Base Class
Hello there Mage Hand Press fans!

My name is Benjamin Huffman, creator of 5e favorites like the Pugilist, Magus, and Scholar classes. You might know me from the DM’s Guild or my blog, the Sterling Vermin Adventuring Co. I’m here today to show off a new class I’ve got in the works, the Summoner!
     The summoner class is, first and foremost, born from my obsession with pet classes. I love them! I love them so much that I’m willing to trudge through the absolute minefield that is creating a pet class for 5e. And it is an absolute m i n e f i e l d. How do you balance the action economy? How do you make it feel like you’re controlling your character and your summon in equal parts? What else should a summoner be able to do, and how do you let them do other things without completely breaking the game?
     I’m not sure I’ve nailed down the right answers to those questions but I am pretty sure I’ve come up with some interesting ones. While I think I’m getting closer to the summoner class I want, I’m interested to hear how close I am to the summoner class you want. Let me know what you think of the direction the class is taking and how it’s implemented, especially if you get the chance to try the class in action!


Summoners forge pacts with creatures from distant corners of the multiverse then channel fragments of their power into loyal spirits called eidolons. An eidolon is more than a servant to a summoner, it is a valued companion and source of magical power. By binding an eidolon to service, the summoner learns a fraction of its mystical abilities. Likewise, an eidolon grows in power the mightier the summoner who calls it to the material plane.