June 2, 2015

The Machine

Otherworldly Patron
Comments from the Thumb: Those of you who played campaigns in Eberron may remember the Renegade Mastermaker prestige class. I personally played a Renegade Mastermaker and loved it, so when we started converting classes over to 5e, I knew what had to be done.
     This is my take on the class. To replicate the modular design of the 3.5 class, you are allowed far more customization than with other warlock patrons. One problem I ran into while converting was that the sheer amount of flavor this class offered was difficult to maintain without making the whole thing incredibly overpowered. Stay tuned for potential hardcore nerfing if playtests show it to be too powerful.
     I'm also interested to see how well this interacts with the various pact boons. A blade warlock dual wielding his weapon and battlefist? A chain warlock with a modron (DM's discretion here) familiar? Or a tome warlock channeling shocking grasp through his battlefist, perhaps? Playtest away, dear readers, and let us know how we did.

The Machine

You have surgically implanted yourself with the Heart of the Machine, a device of immense power that constantly bombards your body and mind with arcane energy and forbidden knowledge. This influx of energy can be manipulated into spells or used to power magitech enhancements similarly installed into your body.

The Heart of the Machine's mechanics are not entirely well understood. While some claim a rational, scientific understanding of its inner workings, others claim a transcendent connection to The Machine – that it is a powerful being, a construct of immense design that embodies itself through those who carry the Heart.

The Machine Expanded Spells:
1st: detect magic, thunderwave
2nd: darkvision, heat metal
3rd:  lightning bolt, nondetection
4th: fabricate, locate creature
5th: animate object, contagion

When you select this patron at 1st level, you permanently replace one of your hands (your choice) with a mechanical battlefist. The battlefist is a one handed light melee weapon that deals 1d8 bludgeoning damage, and cannot be disarmed. You are proficient with the battlefist. You may hold or otherwise manipulate a weapon, shield, or other object on the same arm as your battlefist, though you may not attack with your battlefist and use an object or weapon held in that hand on the same turn.

Embedded Component
At 6th level, you gain the ability to embed or attach magitech components to yourself. You may select 1 Embedded Component from the Embedded Components list. At levels 9, 12, and 15, when you learn when you learn new eldritch invocations, you may choose to gain a new component instead.

Eldritch Fist
At 10th level, you have mastered using your battlefist and spellcasting to crush your foes. When you use the Attack action to attack a creature with your battlefist, you may use a bonus action to cast an evocation cantrip targeting that creature. Treat this cantrip as if it had a range of touch.

Total Augmentation
By 14th level, you are more machine than man. You gain immunity to being blinded, deafened, exhausted, or poisoned. In addition, you now have the Construct type.

Embedded Components

Arm Servos
Your arms have been infused with magitech components, allowing you a burst of strength. Your Strength score increases by 1, to a maximum of 20. As a bonus action, you may increase your Strength score by 2 (to a maximum of 20) for one minute. Once you use this component, you must finish a short or long rest before you can use it again.

Armored Body
You have incorporated enough reinforcing materials into your body to become somewhat resistant to physical damage. Your armor class increases by 2, to a maximum of 20.

Armored Mind
You have grafted a machine directly onto your nervous system. You have advantage on saving throws against being charmed or frightened.

Fortify Skin
You have alchemically infused your skin with adamantine fibers that toughen on command. You may use an action to Fortify your skin for 1 minute. During this duration, you move at half speed and gain resistance to all Bludgeoning, Piercing, and Slashing damage. After using this, you must finish a short or long rest before you can use it again.

Improved Battlefist
You have upgraded your battlefist to deal more damage. Your battlefist now deals 1d10 damage, is magic, and you gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls you make using it.
Leg Servos
Your legs have been infused with magitech components, allowing you to run longer and faster. Your movement speed increases by 10 feet and you have advantage on Constitution saving throws against being exhausted.

Overload Metabolism
As a bonus action, you can excite your artificial metabolism to heal a number of hit points equal to 5 + your level. Doing this incurs a -2 penalty to your Strength and Dexterity scores for 10 minutes. After using this ability, you may not use it again until you complete a short or long rest.

The Thumb: Changelog: 6/8/2015: Changed the wording of Eldritch Fist to be clearer. Also changed Eldritch Fist from once per attack to once per turn.
6/10/15: Battlefist clarified to deal bludgeoning damage
6/19/15: Eldritch fist limited to Charisma mod per long rest
7/28/2015: Eldritch Fist rewritten entirely for clarity and simplicity.


  1. Could I make a pact of the blade, select my magical battlefist as my pact weapon and on an attack action deal the two attacks from Thirsthing Blade, dealing extra dmg from Lifedrinker and then as bonus action eldritch punch people away with agonizing blast and Repelling blast? Because if its, first there's a lot of dmg right there in one turn and second, this would be awesome!!

    Also, the cantrip from Eldritch Punch needs a second attack roll? I've seen more new builds you guys did that tends to say that, if an effect is tied to an attack that already hit a second attack roll is not needed.

  2. Does the evocation cantrip from Eldritch Fist have to be one that warlocks can cast? Or can it just be any evocation cantrip. It's not specified but I'd assume it's the former.

  3. My only question is this, does this include the patron pact or are you allowed to choose a pact boom in addition to this.

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