July 17, 2015


Ranger Archetype
Comments from the Finger: Holy Wild West Update! I hope you guys like this one. Naturally, this requires the firearm rules from the Dungeon Master's Guide, which I won't be reposting here, because I fear the wrath of the Wizard's attorney familiar.


Gunslingers are feared gunmen of the west, a master of the brutal and imprecise firearms of the day. Possessing extraordinary aim and a lightning trigger finger, the best gunmen have many enemies, and are often little more than mysterious strangers to those they meet as they wander.

The definitive version of this archetype is the Gunslinger base class.

Bonus Proficiencies
Beginning at 3rd level when you select this archetype, you become proficient with the revolver. At 7th level, you gain proficiency with the shotgun, and at 11th level, the hunting rifle.
     Additionally, when you make an attack adjacent to your target with a revolver, you do not have disadvantage on the attack roll.

Quick Draw
At 3rd level, when you draw a firearm, you may make an attack with it as a bonus action. You may use this once per weapon, and regain all expended uses after completing a short or long rest.

At 7th level, you can aim for critical parts of your target's body. When you make an attack with a firearm you are proficient with on your turn, you can choose to aim for the target's arm, head, leg, or torso. If you successfully hit your target, the target must make a Constitution saving throw with a DC equal to 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Dexterity modifier, and on a failed save, suffers the following effect:
     Arm. Your target drops any item it is holding in the hand that you choose, and can hold no item in that hand for the next 3 rounds.
     Head. Your target is stunned for 1 round.
     Leg. Your target may only move at half speed and has disadvantage on Dexterity saving throws for 1d6 + 1 rounds.
     Torso. Your target bleeds excessively, taking an additional 1d4 damage at the beginning of each of its turns for the next 3 rounds.
     You may use this feature a number of times equal to you Dexterity modifier. You regain all expended uses when you complete a long rest.

At 11th level, your firearm attacks score a critical hit on a roll of 19 or 20.

Piercing Shot
At 15th level, when you hit a creature with a firearm attack, your shot pierces through and continues onward, possibly hitting other targets. When you make a firearm attack, trace the path of your attack as a spell with a line effect. On a hit, you also attack the first creature in the line, to a distance of 20 feet, comparing the same attack roll against the second creature's armor class. If this attack also hits, roll damage separately for each attack.

Changelog: 7/17/15: Grit: Saving throw changed to 8+Prof+Dex. Grit now requires a saving throw for each effect.
7/26/15: Proficiency for guns is now spaced out.


  1. How does this mix with the flame arrows spell?

  2. Looks cool, and a good conversion from the Pathfinder class. However, I noticed the lack of saving throws for most Grit abilities. Comparing an Arm shot to something like Disarm attack from the Battle Master Fighter:

    -Fighter must hit with the attack against AC then spend a superiority die, enemy makes a Str save vs DC dropping the item if it fails, but it can pick it up again next round.

    -Gunslinger hits AC, enemy drops item and can't hold anything for 3 rounds. No save.

    Personally, I'd apply a universal saving throw to Grit, or maybe force disadvantage on the attacks for such an aimed shot. Also, and I'm sure this is just an oversight, DC's for 5e are 8+Prof bonus+Stat. Currently the Head shot has it listed as 10+Prof bonus+Stat.

    Another cool looking class though, great work!

    1. It's seldom a good idea to require both an attack roll and a saving throw for an ability, as this allows for two chances for failure. Should I require that this feature uses a single Constitution saving throw, rather than an attack roll? I would need to make a note that the ability requires a firearm and ammunition, but beyond that, it isn't a large change. What's your take?

      (Also, the Save DC was a total oversight. I'll correct it asap.)

    2. Scratch that, dumb thought. I should make Grit an attack roll to hit (for normal damage) and a save for additional effects. I'll rewrite Grit soon to use that consistently for each targeted region, rather than different conditions on each one.

    3. Should probably be a dex save as well, unless the bullets are poisoned that is.

    4. My thinking was that the creature was already hit, so the save is to determine whether the creature is tough enough to walk off a well-placed bullet without ill effect, hence Constitution.

  3. what are the stats for the firearms?

  4. this is awesome, though I run my own firearm rules so a lot of this doesn't work for it. what should I replace the reload based mechanics stuff with?

  5. Small note, but the grammar in the very first sentence is off. It should read "Gunslingers are feared gunmen of the west, masters of the brutal and imprecise firearms of the day."

    Not a mechanical note, just something minor. This is great.