September 15, 2015

Prehistoric Warrior

Primal Path
Comments from the Finger: The perfect counterpart to the Chronomancer, a wizard who can control time and likely comes from the future, is the Caveman: unintelligent, unskilled, and very, very strong. (I can only hope a few more of these decent barbarian types makes up for the difficulties we've had with them previously).

Path Primeval 

The most primitive of the savages, the prehistoric warrior hails from the remote regions of the world, or the far reaches of time, where dinosaurs still roam the world. Your fury is truly primal, and your methods crude, but you may stand tall atop the primordial food chain among the strongest creature ever to have lived.

Primordial Fury
Beginning when you select this path at 3rd level, you possess the antediluvian might necessary to pierce any foe's defenses. While raging, your melee attacks ignore resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage.

Illiterate Intuition
At 6th level, you have advantage on Animal Handling checks and Persuasion checks with creatures that have no language or share no language with you.

Robust Constitution
At 10th level, you have advantage on Constitution checks against exhaustion and do not suffer levels of exhaustion from a forced march.

Massive Weapon Fighting
By 14th level, you are experienced at hunting colossal creatures with weapons of the same scale.
     You can construct a massive weapon with 1 week of work requiring twice the normal weapon's price in gold, or you can commission one from a blacksmith for a comparable price. You have proficiency in a massive weapon if you have proficiency in its normal counterpart.
     Massive weapons deal twice the number of damage dice as their normal counterparts. When you score a critical hit using a massive weapon against a creature, it must make a Constitution saving throw (DC = 8 + your Strength modifier + your proficiency bonus) or be stunned until the beginning of your next turn. While you are raging, you may attack with massive weapons normally. Otherwise, you may only attack with a massive weapon once each turn.


  1. I think this is my favorite Barbarian path to date. It's simple, yet effectively gets its idea across. I also like that this barbarian is great in "normal" b/p/s combat, but suffers versus magic, as you might expect a caveman to.

    I don't know how balanced massive weapon fighting is, but by level 14, classes start to get some fairly absurd abilities anyway, so I think it's probably just fine.

    Nice work.

    1. My anchor to what's absurd, Swashbuckler from Waterborne. If that guy will sneak attack on the first hit every time at level 3 and by level 14 be doing 7d6 of sneak attack, Fred Flintstone here can have his massive weapon

    2. I ran the numbers for a few different types of massive weapons and compared their damage against cantrips of this level and a fighter simply attacking multiple times. I didn't see anything that was too far off base. I'm concerned about the chance of stunning with crits being something that pushes this over the edge, but since this subclass gets relatively less than the core barbarians in rage, I think it might just about balance.

  2. This is awesome! And the flavor of Illiterate Intuition is great. I love flavorful features.

  3. Question: The Massive Weapon Fighting mentions that a creature must make a con save upon being critical hitted. But there is no mention of what the con save DC is.

    1. Nice catch (I can't believe I forgot to include that.)

  4. If I were to multi class into rogue after barbarian 14, would my sneak attack dice be doubled as well?