September 21, 2015

The Finger Slows

We're going to start posting a little less. You can expect around a post a week, in contrast to the every-other-day of posts we committed to a few months ago.

The Digits of Vecna are all students, mostly computer science and computer engineering, and a new semester has begun. Beginning this blog was something of a summer project and we never intended to keep up the frantic every-other-day posting schedule that we began with; really, I was just excited to post all the material I had on hand. After a while, I realized that, if I started writing every day, I could produce content as fast as we were releasing it, and I decided to hold onto the schedule as long as I could. With a new fall semester dawning, the time has finally come to let the queue of scheduled posts run dry.

This blog isn't going anywhere. I'll still respond to comments and emails, and continue to collaborate with those of you who send me your own content. I love the little community of readers and commenters that has grown up here in such a short amount of time, and I love every bit of feedback for our creations, and, believe me, I read all of it. If anything, relaxing the schedule will allow me to approach more ambitious and imaginative projects, to revisit old content that didn't work out as well as I would have liked it to, and to finally playtest more than a handful of our builds.

We're 75%+ on Magitech Update 2, and on last glace we have at least enough classes for two more class packs! I'm gonna take some more time on composing these, so I can be a little happier with their presentation.

Thank you to all of our readers, commenters, and contributors.
-- The Middle Finger of Vecna