November 3, 2015

Magitech Items

Magic Items
Comments from the Finger: Here's a few items.

Clockwork Armor 
Armor (plate), rare (requires attunement)
This early prototype of powered armor features dozens of exposed, whizzing gears exposed inside a rigid outer frame. To become attuned to this armor, you must learn to operate the internal controls, requiring 1 hour and a successful DC 14 Intelligence check.
     Your Strength score is 19 while you wear this armor, if was not already higher than 19. Additionally, while wearing it, your base speed increases by 5 feet. This armor has no Strength requirement.
     However, the clockwork armor is made from a deeply flawed design; it is dependent on hydraulics and servos that the metals and materials can't quite sustain. Whenever you take more than 5 cold damage on one turn while wearing the armor, the hydraulics freeze and your speed is reduced by half, or is reduced to 0 if you take more than 15 cold damage. This reduction lasts until the armor thaws during a short rest.
     The armor is extremely cumbersome, and adds 1000 pounds to your weight. Additionally, the armor requires twice as long to don and doff. You cannot cast spells while in this armor, even if you are proficient with it.
     Creatures can attack the armor directly. The armor has an AC of 14 and 50 hit points. If the armor is reduced to 0 HP, you are restrained within your armor until another creature can help you escape, which requires 1 minute of effort. Repairing your armor to its maximum HP and restoring its movement requires repairs over a long rest.

Crawling Shield 
Armor (shield), rare (requires attunement)
This shield, about the size of a buckler, is also a construct with four mechanical legs embedded on the underside. Once attuned, this shield crawls about your body, deflecting blows as a regular shield, and granting the same bonus to Armor Class, but without requiring a free hand to use. However, the shield's movement will often throw off your balance, and you have disadvantage on Acrobatics checks unless you choose to hold the shield in one hand. 

Sorting Beast
Wondrous Item, very rare
The sorting beast is a six-legged construct with eyes and antennae at both ends and an array of measuring devices near its center. It has a set of legs on both ends, and either set can manipulate and hold objects up to 30 points in weight.
     When activated as an action, the sorting beast sets about collecting and sorting all loose valuable items within 100 feet. It sorts all gold pieces, silver pieces, and copper pieces into neat stacks of 10. For material goods, such as precious stones, the sorting beast can appraise value by weight and quality, before producing sorting the goods appropriately and printing the result on a fine paper strip. The sorting beast continues sorting until finished or deactivated as an action.
     Additionally, the sorting beast can cast the spell identify on one object you designate each day.

Spell Clock
Wondrous Item, uncommon (single use), very rare (periodic) 
A spell clock is a device which stores a single spell cast into it, casting it after a set duration. The clock appears as a square box with a face of enameled pewter with either two or three gold or black hands that show the time remaining until the next spell it contains is released. When operating, a spell clock always produces a loud ticking noise.
      Storing a spell in the spell clock and setting the timer requires 1 minute, casting the spell you wish to store, and expending a spell slot and components as normal. The clock can only hold spells of 5th level and lower. 
     When the spell is cast, it targets the nearest creature, or centers the effect on the spell clock, as appropriate. 
     There are two varieties of spell clocks. Single Use spell clocks produce the spell once on a delay, and are destroyed, but can accept duration in a number of minutes. Periodic spell clocks produce a spell every hour (or any number of hours) once they are stored, but are destroyed when they are deactivated. All types of spells clocks will be destroyed if it centers a destructive spell, such as fireball, on itself. 

Changelog 11/5/15: Clockwork Armor: Cold damage now can come from any source; it is not based upon failed saves, but upon amount of damage taken in 1 turn.


  1. Any effect on the clockwork armour if you take cold damage from a successful attack (no spell examples come to mind, but perhaps an ice elemental or a Frostbrand)?

    1. That's a good point. I'll change that description to be a little more general.

  2. I think that fire damage should be able to thaw out the clockwork armor without requiring a short rest.