January 7, 2015

Complete Warmage Preview

Rook to king-4. Checkmate.

Warmages wield magic the same way a fighter wields weapons: swiftly and efficiently. It's no accident they've claimed the names of chess pieces for themselves. Chess is a game of strategy, where greater pieces trump lesser ones, and everything is done in service to victory. Logic alone dictates the winner, just as it does with magic.

We wanted the Warmage class to be perfect, so we went back in, restructured the base class, tricks, and houses, and created an entire suite of cantrips. Also, there's information on how to include the College of Warmages as a faction in your campaign world, a handful of new magic items, and a new house to spice things up a bit. This class is playable with only the SRD and the Complete Warmage PDF, so there's no need to juggle books just to find your cantrips.

Last but certainly not least, this PDF has some of the best art the fantastic Kirbish has ever done for us. The cover, in particular, still knocks me dead every time.

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  2. I've always really liked the chess theme of this class. I can't wait to donate and gain access to it!