January 1, 2015

Iconic Archetypes Preview

You can play a bard of battledancing, a rogue disconnected from his own shadow, or a chicken-infested sorcerer. But what's just a bard look like? What's just a wizard look like? Just a barbarian? Included here are a few archetypes which try to answer that question, and in doing so, paint a picture of the iconic class expression underneath.

More than being pure expressions of their core classes, Iconic Archetypes are ideal for introducing newly beginning roleplayers to the class, cutting away much of the nuance that can drive subclasess in favor of a single archetype. Moreover, they make an excellent choice for quickly building NPCs, since they focus on the core features of the class, rather than implementing new ones.

Iconic Archetypes contains 3 new archetypes: the College of Fate, the Path of the Forsaker, and the Inquisitor Redux!

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