January 6, 2015

Waste Update Preview

Howling winds, scorching sands, and the blazing desert sun.

The Waste Update is a must-have book for DMs and players alike of a desert-themed campaign. Containing 7 exclusive classes, the Waste Update has a desert option for any player, regardless of class. For DMs, it comes with a slew of new desert hazards, both magical and mundane, along with a number of new magic items and ten brand new monsters.

Exclusive classes include:
College of Scheherazade (Bardic College)
Circle of Oasis (Druid Circle)
Explorer (Martial Archetype)
Way of Sand (Monastic Tradition)
Tomb Robber (Roguish Archetypes)
Sphinx Bloodline (Sorcerous Origin)
School of Biomancy (Arcane Tradition)

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