February 3, 2016

Holy Social Networks, Batman!

Quick update!

Because we, the Digits of Vecna, have no physical form outside of the internet (our evocation magic is comprised only of ones and zeroes,) we've decided it would be wise to begin annexing other areas of the internet. So, with great pride, we're happy to announce that we've conquered Facebook and Twitter.

Now that we completely control these social networks, we're going to use them as shouting boards to announce new material, as well as a place to handle polls and other community stuff. Plus, you can tell your friends about us!

Like us, follow us, and tell your friends!


  1. Hey there, glad to see you on twitter now, since that's the only social network i really view. Just thought i would share, if you have the space allowance for your twitter handle, i would recommend going the full "MiddleFingerOfVecna" or even just "MiddleFingerVecna", as those would be better for search engine optimization. ( Of course if it won't fit, it's a moot point!)

    1. Weird, when I first set it up, it wouldn't fit. Must've been a spacing issue. Name's changed to MiddleFingerOfVecna now.

    2. Hooray for naming consistency!