March 19, 2016

Don't Forget the MFoV Patreon!

The Middle Finger of Vecna Patreon is still coming up (April 1st!), and I thought it's high time that I talk specifically about things like reward levels and stuff.

Reward Levels

Patrons that support us on Patreon will, of course, get monthly rewards, early access to the blog posts, and direct feedback with patron-specific polls. Here's the reward levels.
Pledge $1 or more per month
You gain access to every single Update, class bundle, character portrait, and rules supplement we create, including patron-exclusive content. You can also vote on what we updates we do next. 
Pledge $2 or more per month
You gain access to everything above and the Complete Classes, which are our definitive versions of our highly-polished full classes. 
Pledge $3 or more per month
You gain access to books and adventures released for the exclusive Manifest Campaign Setting, which includes super high-quality maps of the world. 
Pledge $10 or more per month
You get everything we make, and producer credit at the end of every PDF. You also get a heart-felt thank you from us, and we'll even name an NPC after you.


Still not convinced? Here's a sneak peek of the base-level ($1) stuff we'll have on offer.

Chronomancy Update (13 pages)

Monsters and Men (14 pages)


  1. I don't like where this is going with the whole premium service you guys are setting up... I'd love to support you on patreon... But not when you limiting content like this

    1. While I understand your concern, please also know that if we want to keep doing this, there are costs involved in developing art, Web hosting services, and other parts of the process that we'd like to improve for you guys.

      Also, remember, we'really still gonna come out with a ton of free content. The Blog isn't going away, so there will still be the usual free stuff, we'really just going to be using new resources to make more wholly original, OGL-Compliant, more-content-heavy patron-accessible updates.

    2. I hear you. I don't like the idea of paywalling any of our material, and that's not the goal here. Literally, the Patreon stuff is extra content: I've been busting insane hours to make it in addition to the regular schedule of MFoV content. I'm not in the habit of holding cool things back, but I think we've made a good compromise here. Patreon books will be a lot of bundles, like our Class Packs, with a couple of Reduxes (fixed and polished versions of existing classes) with a few originals that fit the theme of the pack. Maybe some items or additional rules as well, so that each bundle acts like an expansion pack on the core 5e rules.

      On the other hand, rewards for Patreon supporters is just part of the package. I want to provide great stuff for our supporters that can put something toward us. My goal isn't to reward them with exclusivity, but to be able to show them the same appreciation that they've shown us.

      More than anything, this blog is my baby, and we wouldn't be running a Patreon if it didn't have the promise to make it better for everyone.

  2. Honestly, when I first heard you were moving some content to Patreon I was bummed. I don't like the idea of locking content behind a paywall, especially when that content has been free in the past. Looking at the pay scale though, I'm not bothered by it any more. $2 a month is almost nothing, hell that's less than a cup of coffee. Once you open your Patreon I'm jumping in for the $2, it's cheap and it helps you continue to produce quality content. I've used your work in several different games already, plus I'm super pumped for the complete Alchemist and Warmage. Hopefully the blog doesn't get left in the dust, but you've got my support come April.

    1. Thanks! The blog isn't going anywhere, we just have dreams for bigger, better projects that we can't complete without some funding, so Patreon it is!

    2. Agreed. Long time lurker, first time commenter. Definitely not worried about $2 a month to support this. Love you guys and hope you keep pumping out more amazing content.

  3. I love what you're doing and I appreciate the content you provide, I'd love to do a patreon of $20 a month. Keep up the good work and people will continue to support you guys. My email is and I will be making a donation shortly as I enjoy reading all the material you post as I play in my current 5E campaign.

    1. That's really exciting to hear! We're starting the Patreon on the 1st of April (there'll be tons of links). See you then!