June 6, 2016

College of Ilumination

Bardic College

*I seriously think Takiskal can do no wrong on his subclasses. This is his reaction to our Divine Bard, which has it's own awesome, unique spin on the whole thing.*

College of Illumination

Bards of the College of Illumination devote themselves to the idea of bringing light and music even to the darkest corners of the world. Some say that the college started hundreds of your ago when a celestial taught the Music of the Heavenly Chorus to a mere human. Others say that the sun god communicated with a humble follower through music, and thus was this college born.

Bonus Spells
When you join the College of Illumination at 3rd level, you learn the dancing lights and light cantrips. You can double the radius of light these cantrip emit when you cast them. Additionally, you learn the following spells:

Illumination Bonus Spells 
Spell levelSpell
1stfaerie fire
2ndscorching ray
4thwall of fire

Purifying Aria
At 3rd level, you can spend two Bardic Inspiration dice as an action to use the cleric Turn Undead feature. You use you Charisma modifier instead of your Wisdom modifier to determine your save DC.

By 6th level, as a bonus action when deal damage to a single creature with a cantrip, you can summon forth the light of a heavenly candle, which lingers around the creature. The next melee attack made against this creature until the start of your next turn has advantage.

Light of Peace
Starting at 14th level, you can call upon a heavenly light to heal your allies. When a creature uses one of your Bardic Inspiration dice, it regains hit points equal to your bard level + your Charisma modifier.


  1. Candlelight feature can only trigger of the vicious mockery cantrip as it is the only damaging cantrip a bard as, so the feature does feel a bit wired to me.

    1. On a somewhat related note, I think the ability should be called Guiding Light, imho. Or something along those lines. Just a thought.

  2. Candlelight is worded in a way that allows a multiclass bard or one who aquires other single target cantrips from other sources (feats, races, magic items) to make use of them as well.

    Though, I have to ask - would granting Sacred Flame as a bard spell push the subclass into overpowered territory?

    It fits the theme a lot more than vicious mockery, and wouldnt be available normally as a cha cantrip through any source except a race that cast it through cha.

    Apart from this suggestion, I can only say that I am blown away by this subclass. It hands down ranks in my top two favorites that you fellows have released. (Path of the Fin is the other one)

    1. I don't think adding sacred flame would break stuff at all, mechanically, but I think getting 3 additional cantrips total might be too cluttered. If I add it, I'll have to cut one of the other cantrips to keep things concise.

    2. Why don't you say "Pick 2 out of these: ..." and later (if you want) you can add the cantrip you didn't pick.

    3. I second this. It could be 'You gain the Sacred Flame Cantrip, which is a Bard Cantrip for you; you also gain your choice of the Light or Dancing Lights Cantrips.' Or just allow to pick two of the three.

    4. I do think it should get sacred flame regardless, though - Vicious Mockery really strikes me as against the fluff of someone who is spreading light and inspiration.

  3. are w ever getting more races? would love a kitsune or Hengeyokai type race.

    1. I do have more races on the way, though admittedly those aren't on the list at the moment.

  4. candle light says "when deal damage" not "when you deal damage" also keep up the great content :D