July 13, 2016

Overwatch D&D

As unlikely as it seems, I've taken a liking to Blizzard's new game, Overwatch, which is a 'hero-based' first-person shooter, with an immensely fun roster of characters. Because this is Middle Finger of Vecna, and heroes are kind of our business, I decided to take a look at how to create some rough D&D analogs of these characters, for a lark.

Attack Heroes 

Genji: Fighter, Kensai (Redux) 
McCree: Ranger, Gunslinger 
Pharah: Fighter, Magitech Hero, with Propulsion and Dive Attack 
Reaper: Rogue, Ghost-Faced Killer or Ranger, Abysswalker
Soldier 76: Fighter, Magitech Hero, with Repeating Crossbow and Frost Missile
Tracer: Ranger, Paradox Hunter

Defense Heroes

Bastion: Paladin, Tech Knight
Hanzo: Monk, Zen Archer
Junkrat: Alchemist, Mad Bomber 
Mei: Sorcerer, Rimeborn
Torbjorn: Craftsman, any profession, or Wizard, Mechamancer with Tough feat
Widowmaker: Rogue, Assassin, with Sharpshooter feat

Tank Heroes 

D.Va: Fighter, Magitech Hero, with Mecha Transformation
Reinhardt: Barbarian, Dreadnought or Barbarian, Path of Iron
Roadhog: Barbarian, War Hulk (Redux)
Winston: Barbarian, Rage Mage
Zarya: Fighter, Crusader

Support Heroes 

Lucio: Bard, Divine Bard, with Mobile feat
Mercy: Cleric, Life Domain
Symmetra: Wizard, School of Abjuration
Zenyatta: Monk, Shadow Sun Ninja

(Also, I know that some of these aren't perfect analogues; like we really don't have anything letting you play Winston very well -- it's included here for completeness.)


  1. And before anyone asks: Ana was only announced /hours/ before this article came out. I have yet to think of a build for her!

  2. Ana seems pretty clearly to be either an arcane subclass Ranger or arcane subclass Rogue, possibly Trickster or Arcane Archer. Sleep, buffs, and seems like she would be a little sneakier and more agile than most characters, though not exactly acrobatic in her old age as much as just very subtle. (Also, Genji, not Gengi ;))

  3. I saw a pretty complete set of magicalish items for Overwatch and DnD 5e on the Unearthed Arcana reddit.

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  5. Replies
    1. Yeah, if writing this article did anything, it was that it gave me some interesting character ideas. I also need a name for a Roadhog-esque hook-throwing subclass (or maybe just a feat?)

  6. For Roadhog, I thought your Mountain Man subclass worked pretty well.

    But for a Subclass, maybe a Path of the Executioner? Couple features to do reach grapples, and then wail away when you pull them within reach. Then a liquid swig kind of ability for healing, and a flurry of blows Esque ability at 14th level

    1. Oh the Mountain Man! I actively try to forget the Wild West Update nowadays. It had things that worked, but those might have been outweighed by the things that didn't.

      These seem like good feature ideas, and I might end up using Mirrownis's Hooker name from below, just for the giggles.

    2. I still think we should spend some time editing that beast and getting it up to par with our current stuff. That might be a side project I take on for a while.

    3. Yeah, in regards to the Wild West update, some stuff could be fixed. Gunslinger was fine but sadly attached to the worst base class, no fixing that. Mountain Man & Travel Domain weren't the most thematically tight in my opinion.

      Apache, well, boiling an ethnic group down to a subclass isn't the best idea I believe. I think a Storyteller Bard would be a lot more fitting and culturally relevant/appropriate, where shoehorning all Apache into the role of "axe throwing magic martial artist" definitely feeds into some old stereotypes and other problems.

      Probably better as a Background to provide interesting nuance and historical context for players not familiar with the Apache.

      And I mean all of that in the most helpful way, I understand it wasn't malicious or anything.

    4. I think if we're going to revisit the Wild West, we should take it in a Weird West direction, a more fantasy spin on the classic western, to better fit tabletop genre conventions, and to avoid the crossover real live has in this genre. if we do that, I'm down to give it another try.

    5. Yeah, I'm thinking The Dark Tower and similar stuff.

    6. Oh yes, absolutely. I still have the Huckster lying around somewhere waiting to go all Gambit on everyone. If neither of you guys have ever looked at it, pick up a Deadlands book and see what they have going on.

      Also, for real, the Dark Tower is my favorite series of books. This needs to be a thing.

  7. I have two proposals:
    1. The Hooker, a walking bad pun, in line with the Cluckromancer and the Cheese Whiz
    2. The Brutalizer, a heavy hitting fighter, focused around slapping people around

  8. I actually have a question. How does one submit something? I see a lot of guest content and I wondered, because I was working on something that could work for Roadhog.

    1. You email them a draft. Their emails are at the bottom left. At least for me on a iPhone

    2. Just send us an email at middlefingerofvecna@gmail.com!

  9. I submit to you that the Path of Iron Barbarian makes for a MUCH better Reinhardt...then again, I AM biased.

  10. I am guessing if you updated this Tracer would be the Chrono Hopper class now?

    1. Very true! When hero 24 comes out, I need to sit down and update every one of them

    2. Same thing when you guys made Gunslinger... I just started yelling "IT'S HIGH NOON". My question is Mcree Pistolero or Sharpshooter?