August 6, 2016


Greetings all!

Just a short message from the Palm, we now have a Subreddit devoted to our humble blog, right here at r/MiddleFingerofVecna. This is just the first of many, many steps taken towards turning this little side project into a full-fledged community.

So, come one, come all, join the discussion, get your flair, and help build this corner of the internet into the BEST corner of the internet.


  1. Will exclusives be posted there?

    1. Patreon stuff lives on patreon -- the subreddit will be a better place for discussion, sharing stories, and communication between fans of D&D. Just /imagine/ how much more freedom we can have for discussion when we're not strictly tied to the comments below these posts.

    2. I moreso meant would things be posted there that arent here. But if it's more a thing for exposure and discussion, that's cool.

    3. No, I don't plan on asking anyone to migrate over there for content. For the foreseeble future, patreon will have our only exclusive stuff.