August 24, 2016

Variant Rule: Metagame Rewards

So, if the DM controls the guard, why can't you just bribe the DM in person instead of bribing the guard, and save your valuable gold pieces? Seriously, most DMs put an amazing amount of time and care into their campaigns, so I've written a few metagame rules that reward players for thanking the DM for all his hard work.

Metagame Rewards

Buy soda or snacks for the group
You unexpectedly find a potion of healing, or a potion of greater healing, on your person.

Bring a new person, and make their character sheet for them
Each time you roll initiative all night, your HP is restored to maximum.

Buy the DM pizza
You gain inspiration.

Buy pizza for the whole group
You gain inspiration and double experience points all day.

Buy the DM a caffeinated or alcoholic beverage
You have advantage when you roll initiative all night.

Buy a beer for everyone in the group
You gain inspiration and double experience points all day.

Bring the DM cookies/candy/other sweets
You gain inspiration.

Introduce your DM to Middle Finger of Vecna
You win at D&D.

- - -

Does your table do any metagame rewards? If so, let us know in the comments!


  1. Yay! I win at D&D! Now what do I do?

    But seriously, great idea.

  2. My Pathfinder DM already applies these kind of "rules" using "hero points" that you can expend for many different things.
    We always bring food and drinks, we even bought him the paper minis he needed for the campaign :P

  3. We have a currency created as a biproduct of origami boats(we made thousands of)
    We sometimes use them to start off a new campaign with a not so overpowered magic item

  4. oh hay i win
    but the DMs i show this too are not so far down the rabbit hole as i am