September 1, 2016

50 Magic Items Preview

Oftentimes, your adventurers measure their progress and worth strictly by the quality of their loot. Higher levels are nice, but they're not quite as tangible as an enchanted great maul.

Your adventurers deserve the best loot. So we here at Mage Hand Press have written up 50 Magic Items to surprise and delight (and occasionally terrify) the adventurers in your campaign. Inside this book you'll also find Magic Item Sets, which are unique trios of items that become more powerful when reunited, and two of my favorite Artifacts, Durandal and the Hypercube!

Also on Patreon this month is the early release of the new Witch class, which is one of my favorites so far. Though it takes some inspiration from the Pathfinder Witch, this class is a Mage Hand Press original.

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  1. Nice! I really enjoy the teleportation arrow and the bells of due warning. I can just imagine a level 20 archery style fighter just vanishing 400 feet away in a single action. Also: that 4d8 will remove most minor pests for easy sleeping!

    1. Yeah, if you ever have a player that (after watching a season of Arrow) wants to play an archer with trick arrows, give them a few of those.

    2. I've been binge watching Arrow for the first time, and I kinda want to use these with a Vigilante Ranger

  2. I like them. I feel like the lenses would make more sense if they made everything black and white except for their school of magic, and the lenses themselves weren't tinted or made their school of magic glow to the wearer. That way its easier/cooler to fuse them into one or make a contraption that uses them all.

  3. I like the Aura Lenses a lot. I would change incomplete sets from 1d8 to 1d6+1 or 2d4-1 lenses though!