September 17, 2016

Coming Soon to Patreon: Evil Archetypes

I've been working my butt off to bring you a doozy this month on Patreon:

Evil Archetypes

An archetype, and a villain for each class -- twelve evil archetypes to vex your Dungeon Master, and twelve Big Bad Evil Guys to terrorize your campaign. The nefarious villains come complete with backstories, and an NPC statblock, so that you can drop them directly into the fray when your players least expect it.

Take a peek on the Patreon to see some of the art the amazing Martin Kirby has done for this one!


  1. I'm about to start running Curse of Strahd, so I'm definitely looking forward to this.

  2. Will these be uploaded here at any point?

    1. I might release the Laughing Man here at some point, but all the NPCs and other exclusives will live on the book.