September 12, 2016

Oath of Revelry

Sacred Oath
Comments from the Finger: What gave you the impression that paladins were supposed to be holier than thou?

Oath of Revelry

Paladins who swear the Oath of Revelry make a solemn vow to party day and night until their hearts give out. Indeed, as an old proverb says, "There ain't no party like a paladin party, 'cuz a paladin party don't stop. Amen."

Tenets of Revelry
Paladin who swear the Oath of Revelry must abide by the Codicus Brotherhoodum, often known as the Bro Code, a series of moral judgments, both foul and fair, about the way one should conduct life and party. Dishonoring this code is known as a Major Dick Move, and can alienate a paladin from fellow partygoers. In general, paladins who takes this oath abide by the following principles:
     Work Hard Party Hard. Paladins must fight for their right to party
     Bros Before Hoes. It is said that this edict lays a natural order for alliances that a paladin should forge.
     Yolo. A great prophet once spoke this word of wisdom, and, though it is repeated constantly by his followers, it is not well understood.

Oath Spells
Paladin Level Spells
3rd compelled duel, hideous laughter
5th calm emotions, crown of madness
9th haste, slow
13th confusion, phantasmal killer
17th mislead, raise dead

Channel Divinity 
When you take this oath at 3rd level, you gain the following two Channel Divinity options.
     Conjure Drink. When you take a long rest, you can summon to your flask a frothy ale from the heavens itself. Up to three creatures can drink from this flask, and each has advantage on the next saving throw it makes before it takes a long rest, after which the buzz wears off. When you take a short rest, any remaining ale becomes nonmagical.
     Song and Dance. You can spend your Channel Divinity as an action to dance a catchy jig. Each creature you choose within 15 feet must make a Wisdom saving throw or join in. Creatures continue to dance as long as you dance. This effect ends for a creature if you stop on your turn (no action required), or if the creature reattempts and succeeds the Wisdom saving throw at the end of its turn.
     A creature that is dancing spends all its movement tapping its feet and shuffling about without leaving its space. It also has disadvantage on Dexterity saving throws and attack rolls that rely on Dexterity. Creatures that can't be charmed are immune to this effect.

Aura of Fraternity 
At 7th level, you and your allies fight better together. While you have one or more ally adjacent to you, you and each of your allies within 5 feet deal an additional 1d4 damage on melee attacks.
     At 18th level, the range of this aura increases to 15 feet.

At 15th level, when you or an ally within 30 feet makes an ability check or saving throw that doesn't have disadvantage, you can cause it to be made with advantage. You can use this ability three times, and regain all expended uses when you finish a long rest.

Party Animal 
Starting at 20th level, you can use your action to become supernaturally intoxicated. Doing so is a frenzy of indulging in your vices, after which you are intoxicated for 1 hour, followed by 10 minutes of unconsciousness.
     While you are intoxicated, you have resistance to all damage and immunity to psychic damage. Also, you are quick to start a fight. When you roll initiative, you can replace your roll with a 20 if it was lower.
     After becoming supernaturally intoxicated, you must finish a long rest before you can do so again.

Changelog: 9/12/16: Song and Dance: Reattempting save takes place at the end of an affected creature's turn
Aura of Fraternity: Improvement happens at 18th level, as normal
Party Animal: You can enter this state as an action, and while intoxicated, you have resistance to all damage.
Conjure Drink: Specifies that remaining drink becomes nonmagical


  1. Oath of Barney Stinson. AWESOME.

    Since at 20th level you are unlikely to encounter nonmagic weapons, The "Party Animal" feature seems a bit weak.
    How about something like "Life of the Party"- creating an aura that gives all allies in 30 feet regeneration 10?

    1. I know the capstone needs some more power, and I probably need to mess with the durations too (in fact, removing the nonmagical weapons part should be first on my list.) Regeneration 10 is fine for like a minute, but is pretty powerful for an hour.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Yeah, I meant regeneration 10 for a minute (but without the require preparation time, probably).

      The slow spell seems a bit out of place. How about protection from poison, so you can drink as much as you want?

  2. QUESTION: Could the song and dance Channel Divinity work with the "Dervish Dance" skill in your Battledancer class? Cause if so this would be amazing synergy.

  3. Finally, a paladin oath for me! Looks amazing!

  4. Currently, the Song and Dance option for channel divinity requires two failed saves for it to do anything, is that intentional?

    1. In that case, it really should allow the second save at the ends of the affected creature's turn. Good catch.

  5. Auras are universally supposed to improve at 18th level and increase to 30ft. Having this one bump at 10th and only go to 15 makes very little sense.

    1. This aura starts at 5 feet instead of 10, so just like other auras the radius becomes three times bigger on 18th level.

    2. Hmm. It actually grows on 10th level, which is weird.

    3. The closer range is intentional, but the level 10 improvement is a typo; it should be level 18.

  6. Didn't expect waking up to this in the morning. Great job keeping me on my toes.
    I was wondering though what the theme behind the oath spells are. Some are more obvious than others, but some I just can't think of a reason why they're there, such as calm emotions.

    Regardless, I think that this one is relatively balanced out of the gate. I do think to capstone does need a small bump as mentioned by others previously, and I also think Merrymaker should require a reaction, but other than that, good job!

  7. Conjure Drink: Should add a note saying when the flask of heavenly ale loses its potency, or else you could stockpile them over many long rests.

    Aura of Fraternity: May want to add a note saying a creature can only benefit from this aura from one paladin at a time, unless it was your intent for multiple paladins to group up and get increasing amounts of +1d4s.

    1. Good note on Conjure Drink. For Aura of Fraternity, I shouldn't have to clarify this, since you can't benefit twice from effects of the same name.

    2. Is that so? The Oathbreaker paladin's Aura of Hate specifies a creature can't benefit from that feature from more than one paladin at a time, so I assumed the default was that it would. Redundant language?

    3. Yeah, I had to check into again this pretty recently. There's an entire added section in DMG errata which clarifies that effects with the same name don't effect a creature twice.

  8. I...I'm enjoying this way more than I should. Even more so because just days ago I began I created a Barbarian Path of the Dopefiend based around intoxication.

  9. Replies
    1. Right, I'm using the SRD name for that spell. The SRD doesn't include specific wizard names, for some IP reason.

  10. Re-interpreting the oath:

    Work Hard, Party Hard: You must fight for your right to party. All revelry is grander when you have earned it.

    Bros before Hoes: It is the greatest of truths that the friendships you forge are to be valued more than the temporary alliances you pay for.

    Yolo: This is your life. It may be the only one you get, and may end at any time. Do not waste it.

  11. question, for Song and Dance, do you suffer the drawbacks as well since you're dancing?