October 24, 2016


Martial Archetype
Note from the Palm: "My mind is the weapon; everything else is merely an accessory."
- Unknown

The mind is the greatest weapon ever born of man. This is a fact known by warriors the world over, but it is often thought of as a euphemism, an eloquent statement about the ability of the brain to absorb and utilize combat training to great effect. For most, this is true; for Teleknights, this is taken to its literal extreme. Teleknights hone their minds to an uncanny sharpness, unlocking the ability to manipulate objects and creatures at a distance.

Starting at 3rd level, you learn to manipulate objects from afar using a set of invisible "hands" known as vectors. On your turn, you can use an action to summon a number of vectors equal to your Intelligence modifier (minimum 1), which you concentrate on as you would a spell. Your vectors remain in existence until you dismiss them or until your concentration breaks. On any turn you use your action to either attack or manipulate objects with your vectors, you can move each of them up to 30 feet, out to a maximum range of 30 feet away from you.
     On your turn, you can use your action to manipulate your vectors. You can use each vector to manipulate an object, such as opening an unlocked door or container, stowing or retrieving an item from an open container, or pouring the contents out of a vial. You can perform more complex actions with your vectors, such as picking a lock or playing an instrument, but you can only do so once per turn. Your limbs can carry a total weight in pounds of 10 times your Intelligence score.
     Additionally, you can wield weapons and fight with your vectors. Each of your vectors can hold a single melee weapon, even if it is heavy or two-handed. Whenever you take the Attack action on your turn, you can forgo one or more of your attacks to allow an equal number of your vectors to attack. A vector that is not carrying a weapon deals 1d4 force damage on a hit. Your vectors add your Intelligence modifier for attack and damage rolls.

Vector Maneuver
At 3rd level, you can use your vectors to perform basic combat maneuvers, such as the Grapple or Shove actions, against creatures at range. When you do so, rather than a Strength (Athletics) or Dexterity (Acrobatics) check, you roll an intelligence check, and you add your proficiency bonus to this check.
   You may attempt to grapple multiple creatures with your vectors, up to as many vectors as you have. While you are maintaining a grapple on a creature (either physically or with your vectors) if you attempt to grapple an additional creature, you have disadvantage on the ability check to do so.
Vector Sight
At 7th level, you send out numerous micro-vectors to feel the world around you. You gain blindsense within 10 feet. This sense fails in any place that your vectors fail to function, such as in an antimagic field.
     At 15th level, the range of this ability increases to 30 feet.

Improved Vectors
Through constant training with your vectors, you have become much more deadly. At 10th level, your vectors improve in a number of ways:
  • The maximum range of your vectors increases to 60 ft.
  • When a hostile creature you can see leaves the reach of one of your vectors, you can use a reaction to have the vector make an opportunity attack.
  • When you take the Attack action and make all of your available attacks with your vectors, you may use a bonus action to make an additional attack with a vector.

Vector Walk
At 15th level, you can use your vectors for movement. While you are maintaining your vectors, you gain a flight speed equal to your movement speed. However, you must remain close to a solid surface; if at any time you are further than your vectors' maximum range from a solid surface, you fall.

Vector Annihilation
In the ultimate achievement of your vector abilities, you can splinter your mind to attack everything in your reach. Starting at 18th level, as an action, you can make a single attack against any creatures within range of your vectors. This attack deals 4d8 + your Intelligence modifier force damage to each target. Doing so is highly taxing, and you must finish a short or long rest before you can use this ability again.

Changelog: 10/24/16: Typos
10/25/16: Vectors: Removed feat and fighting style restriction
Vector Maneuver: reworded, added proficiency bonus to grapple check.
Vector Walk: Removed attack restriction


  1. The vectors seem like the old animal companion of rangers which if you remember is one of the main reasons for the ranger rework. The action economy in 5th is small so giving up any actions do something small reduces your viability in a lot of situations.

    1. So, the intent is the the the vectors are your arms. You can more them around and make all of your attacks with them, which allows you to swing great swords at range.

    2. Yeah, but what he's getting at is this entire archetype is based solely around "I swing my sword, but at range so long as I maintain Concentration" which is definitely a fun shtick but it also falls into the line of the Beastmaster in the sense that you're ultimately sacrificing your own attacks in order to attack with a trick. Especially without Proficiency added to the Vector Maneuver, you're really just a weaker version of a Ranged Battlemaster.

  2. Pretty decent archetype, but there are a few things I'd like addressed, because they're not all that clear, as well as a couple proofreading errors.


    "On your turn, you can use your action on your turn"

    Bit of a redundancy there.

    When performing a complex action with your vectors, can you only do one per turn, or one complex action per vector. I'm assuming once per turn, and would make sense as it would probably require 2 vectors to do most complex actions (which could be an extra specification you could add.)

    When you mention "limbs," you mean vectors right?

    When determining a vector's carry weight, is it 10 times intel score, or is it 10 times intel score when all vectors are used on the same object, and dividing that total between the total amount of vectors to calculate their individual carry weights?
    Additionally, quite a few DMs, such as myself, would probably allow a player to carry their self if their total weight is under the carry weight of their vector, which would make Vector Walk quite literally useless. Reducing the carrying capacity on Vectors might be necessary. They're strong enough to wield two-handed heavy weapons in one hand for god's sake.

    Do vectors deal 1d4 + intel mod when unarmed, or just 1d4?

    Vector Maneuver:

    Are these checks made with disadvantage when doing so against multiple opponents only, or always when made with a Vector? What if all Vectors Shove/Grapple the same target? Would it cancel out disadvantage if it is?

    Improved Vectors:

    "Though constant training"

    Forgot the 'r' there.

    Vector Walk:

    Issue mentioned in the "Vectors" section.

    "You cannot wield weapons or attack with your vectors while moving with this ability."

    Is this because all vectors are required to carry the person? If so, maybe adding a clause that mentions this could help players get a clearer and more flavorful picture of what's going with this feature.

    Vector Annihilation:

    This ability is good when facing multiple enemies, but when fighting one or two baddies, the damage it does is not really worth the action it takes and how long it takes to be able to use it again.
    This isn't really a critique, more of an observation.

    Overall, it's pretty balanced. I like the flavor it provides, and is quite unique. With a bit of clarification, I think this is a pretty good addition to the archives.

    1. @ Limbs: Yes. A previous rev of this uses the term "Phantom Limb" instead of "vector"

      @Carry Weight: That's the total carry weight divided up amongst the vectors. I'll make a point about saying "you can't carry yourself", since thats intended for later on.

      @Vector Damage: add your Int mod to attack and damage.

      @Maneuver: Checks are only made at disadvantage when trying to grapple multiple opponents at once.

      @Vector Walk: I plan to change that

      @Vector Annhiliation: The intent is to give the fighter a wide hitting attack. he can do plenty single target damage on his own.

  3. Someone's been watching their Elfen Lied again... :)

    This is a cool one.

    1. pretty much what i thought the moment i saw the word "vectors"

    2. Really? |I thought "It has both direction... and magnitude! Oh Yeah!"
      (Y'know, other than the obvious physics stuff).

    3. No, it's 100% elfin leid. Someone challenged me to build a class based on Mage Hand, and that was the first thing that sprang to mind.

    4. Y u no notice my questions Palm ;(

    5. ahauhahuahuauh The Same here! I was waiting for a pink haired character at the PDF part. rs

  4. Seems really cool. Not powerful in combat, since the best thing it gives you is the ability to use a 2 handed weapon and a shield (and at 10th level a bonus action to attack), but very diverse and also useful in non-combat situations.

  5. This seems like a perfect dual shield fighter archetype. Dump the strength (to the armor limit) and push intelligence up to max for great defence and damage.
    Like a metal turtle with visous tentacles

    1. Well... This has almost no advantage over a shield and longsword with dueling style, and the other fighter archetypes give much more combat efficiency (maneuvers or improved crit). The only real advantage on this class is the melee-from-range thing. But yeah, I can see what you mean, mostly because you can just take the defense style because other ones will not help you at all.

  6. It might be worth rewording the grapple/shove part, as presently you make a straight int check (no profficiency). The fact you don't get fighting style benefits means you are locked into Defense, Mariner, or Protection - not sure why this limitation is here.

    Additionally, the fact you can't do anything while flying is kind of weird and disappointing, as Sorcerer got the ability to fly 1 level earlier w/o restrictions (and is a full caster) and Storm Cleric gets it 2 levels later without restrictions (again, full caster).

    As mentioned by others, this is a strictly inferior archetype to even Champion and only serves as a 'rule of cool' archetype.

  7. Just a bit of nitpicking for clarity:

    - Do they appear adjacent to you, or in any space within 30 ft. when you summon them?
    - Can they occupy the same space as a creature? Can creatures walk through them?
    - Can they be seen with truesight or a similar ability? For instance, Scrying can be seen with See Invisibility, but Arcane Eye does not specify.
    - If you have spellcasting from multiclassing, I'm assuming you can't cast from your vectors, right?

    Vector Walk:
    - For simplicity, you ought to just say "You cannot move further than 60 feet from a solid surface."

  8. Yeah, given you are already getting assblasted by the action economy, I really think that allowing Feats and Fighting Styles to work with Vectors would at least help them get a little work done.

    Also the Grapple/Shove definitely needs to allow Proficiency, I would say, if only because a straight Int check is going to be hilariously weak, especially given the likelihood you'll be making it with disadvantage.

    I really do like the archetype, but it definitely needs some work to be worth taking. I mean, all of the Archetype aside from the Blindsense is based purely around an ability that requires never breaking Concentration.

    The archetype's dope, and it definitely -could- be a really neat twist to the sort of ranged controller that an Archery Battlemaster provides, but as written now, it is really just not worth taking.

  9. Oh, and on the topic of Mage Hand-based homebrew, any chance of a Master of the Unseen Hand Monk tradition?

    1. Until then, take a look at the binder class. There is a level 1 vestige that grants monk abilities and a much stronger mage hand.

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  11. Hi guys, I need some help. I'm joining a new adventure soon, and I want to build a fighter that eventually drops into the Teleknight archetype. Trouble is that the DM thinks it's a bit overpowered (full armor, able to wield a shield, ranged attacking with two-handed weapons). I kinda share his opinion to a degree, so could you fine folks maybe help me come up with some way to make it a bit more balanced? (I posted this question in the MFoV subreddit too, but I'm not too sure how much traffic that place gets)

  12. When I saw vectors, I was hoping for Toaru's Accelerator. I'm disappointed.

    1. Ah, no. I don't know anything about that show.

  13. This Might be a dumb question that someone has already asked, but can you use your vectors to climb?

  14. Note on Vector Maneuver I'm surprised isn't mentioned: You don't normally grapple or shove with Acrobatics and so that part is unneeded?