November 11, 2016

Anointed Knight

Martial Archetype
Comments from the Finger: This fantastic subclass comes from Grand Moff Zela! This is a great candidate for a spell-less paladin, in case you're wondering.

Anointed Knight

The Anointed Knights are an order of spiritual warriors who study and emulate the divine. Armed with weapons imbued with light and bows marked by angels, they venture forth to combat whatever evil they may find. Often mistaken for paladins, anointed knights do not draw their power from a deity or a set of ideals, but from the divine aspect within themselves. Anointed Knights believe that each living thing contains a spark of the divinity that created it, and train to utilize that spark in battle.

When you choose this archetype at 3rd level, you gain proficiency with the Religion skill. If you already have proficiency in this skill, you can add twice your proficiency bonus when you make an ability check using it.

Spirit Weapon
At 3rd level, you can perform a 1 hour ritual to imbue a weapon you are holding with your soul's divine spark. Once you have imbued this weapon, you can summon it to your empty hand as a bonus action, as long it and you are on the same plane of existence.
     This weapon counts as magical for the purposes of overcoming resistance and immunity to nonmagical attacks and damage. When you deal damage with your spirit weapon, you can choose for the damage type to be radiant damage instead of the normal damage for that weapon.

Anoint with Oils
Starting at 7th level, you learn the secrets of crafting divine oils. During a long rest, you can imbue normal oil with holy energy, creating a divine oil chosen from the Divine Oils list below. You can anoint yourself with divine oil a bonus action.
     At 7th level, you can make two divine oil when you take a long rest. You can craft an additional oil at 10th level (3 oils), 15th (4 oils), and 18th level (5 oils). You can create more than one of the same oil when you take a long rest. Unused oils lose their divine spark after 24 hours, and become mundane oil.

Spiritual Strike
As you strengthen your divine spark, your Spirit Weapon grows in power. Starting at 10th level, once per turn when you hit a creature with your Spirit Weapon, that creature takes an extra 1d8 radiant damage. This damage increases to 2d8 if the target is a fey, fiend, or undead.

Healing Touch
At 15th level, you learn to use your divine spark to heal others. You can use Second Wind one additional time between rests. When you do so, you can choose to heal another creature within your reach, instead of yourself. The target of this ability regains 2d10 hit points + your fighter level and is no longer cursed, diseased, poisoned, blinded, or deafened.

Spiritual Ascendance
At 18th level, your divine spark takes on a life of its own, gaining sentience. If your Spirit Weapon is already sentient, its alignment, personality, ability scores, and properties remain unchanged, and it gains a random minor beneficial property. Otherwise, your Spirit Weapon becomes a sentient magic item with the same alignment as you. The weapon has the following Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores (assigned as you see fit): 14, 14, 10. The weapon can speak, read, and understand any languages you can. It has hearing and normal vision out to 120 feet. It gains a special purpose determined by the DM and gains a random minor beneficial property. Your weapon can communicate telepathically with you.

Divine Oils
The oils here are presented in alphabetical order.

Oil of Clarity
You gain advantage on Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma saving throws until the end of your next turn.

Oil of Communion
For the next 10 minutes, you are considered to be under the effect of the spell tongues.

Oil of Discernment
For the next 10 minutes, you are considered to be under the effects of the spell detect evil and good.

Oil of Flight
You gain a flying speed equal to your base walking speed until the start of your next turn.

Oil of Grace
For 1 minute, you are considered to be under the effects of the spell bless.

Oil of Light
For the next hour, you shed bright light in a 20-foot radius and dim light in a 20-foot radius beyond that. You can use a bonus action to suppress or reactivate the light.

Oil of Protection
For the next minute, your AC increases by 1.

Oil of Purification
When you use this oil, you are cured of one disease or poison afflicting you.

Oil of Swiftness
For the next minute, your base speed increases by 15 feet.

Oil of Truth
For the next minute, you know when you hear a lie.

Changelog: 11/13/16: Healing Touch: Changed to work with Second Wind
Spiritual Ascendance: Sentence added to account for already sentient weapons.


  1. Wow! great idea. Was it in 3.5? I think I remember something similar, but I'm not sure.

    Since the oils seem to be a major and central part of the subclass, shouldn't they be given at 3rd level? Right now the class doesn't really get better at combat at this level (other than passing resistances due to a magic weapon). Also, maybe at some point allow to anoint others?

    I think the healing touch should be an improvement to Second Wind- increasing its healing to 2d10+level+cure, and allowing to use it on others. It makes more sense than having 2 per-rest healing abilities, and connects better to the class being a martial archetype.

    Last thing: What happens if at 18th level you form a bond with an already sentient weapon? Can you change it's ability scores? Does it get the additional abilities?

    1. I agree. I think reflavoring the spirit weapon would be easier. I'd just say that the first oil you get is used to empower your weapon with the special properties described. So, basically the oil is used as part of the 1 hour ritual.

  2. Im glad you like this, it was one of my favorite prestige classes from 3.5. (It was in the Book of Exalted Deeds)

    If I remember correctly, we put the oils at 7th because we felt they would be too powerful at 3rd. The spiritual weapon is almost identical to the benefit a Blade pact Warlock gets at this level. The difference is that the Knight can change the damage type to radiant. This allows them to bypass a zombie's Undead Fortitude, for example. I lIke the idea of anointing other, but couldn't fit it in anywhere within reason. Perhaps add it as an addendum to rhetoric end of a revised Healing Touch?

    Speaking of Healing Touch, I really like that idea. The Finger has the final word of course, but that's a great idea.

    For the 18th level ability, you raise a valid point. A clause should probably be added to allow the weapon to retain its alignment, personality, and ability scores, while gaining a minor beneficial property.

    1. Sorry I was unavailable most of this weekend, but I got around to the changelog today! I totally love Idanbhk's suggestion, and I've also implemented that 'if your weapon is already sentient' sentence.

    2. Your implemented sentence for already sentient weapons doesn't seem to make sense. Or I'm just not parsing it right. Pretty sure it doesn't make sense though.

    3. Oh, I'm missing a few words. I'll fix that

  3. The only real issue I have with this -- really great archetype, btw -- is the 18th level feature. It just doesn't really feel special enough to distinguish it as the archetype's capstone ability.

    Also, definitely like the idea for Healing Touch that Idanbhk proposed.

    1. I am going to second this, and add that at 18th level, gaining a random property is kinda sucky. Most of them are just fluff to begin with, but not being able to choose your own property and purpose takes away from player agency.

      If this was a lower level feature, I wouldn't make a fuss, but waiting 18 levels and then getting something that doesn't fit your vision for your character is flat out sad.

  4. I /love/ all these divine classes!! I'm hoping to run a game some day that will take place during a very large good/evil conflicting period. These would fit perfectly!!