November 28, 2016


Notes from the Nails: it's no secret that I have a 'thing' for fey creatures. In fantasy stories, I am often attracted to these mysterious, inscrutable beguilers, be they dryads, pixies or sprites, which is why I wanted to share my fey homebrew with you all! I'll be starting with the satyr, along with a fey-specific Sacred Oath and a pack of fey-themed spells. If you like what you see, leave a comment to let us know - there's plenty more where this came from!


When I awoke, a single beam of light shot past my eyelid and landed, screeching, into my brain. By degrees, I fought past the pain in my cranium to take in my surroundings: a grassy field, far from the tavern in which I last remembered myself. Every detail of the night blurred together in a collage of shapes and colors, devoid of meaning.
     "Rough night, huh?" a voice behind me beckoned suddenly. A cheerful satyr lounged on a broad stone nearby, his fingers quietly drumming on an idle pan flute in his lap.
     As he began to raise the pipes to his lips, I sensed his intent far too late to intervene.
     "Please, don't..." I choked out quietly.
     Alas, he started on a melody, which thumped, and screeched, and howled into my throbbing brain.
     You happy people: don't forget my mistake. Don't try to out-drink a satyr.
- Mal, the Duskblade, on Satyrs

Squat, hairy, human-shaped fey with goat-like features and hoofed feet, satyrs love to dance, sing and frolic. They are wholly devoted to the pursuit of pleasure, and will celebrate any festival they hear of – the wilder the better! Satyrs will take any excuse to cut loose, often inventing flimsy pretexts to derail conversations and make themselves the center of attention.

Life of the Party
Given their proclivity for living in the moment, it can be difficult to get satyrs to follow orders or even stay in one place for any length of time - though in an adventuring party they make up for such flakiness with the entertainment they provide, as well as their unsurpassed skill at gossip and rumor-mongering. Satyrs are very much at home in inns and taverns, sometimes venturing into humanoid settlements (usually in disguise) purely to sample the atmosphere of a particularly famous common room, gaze upon an extremely beautiful person, or taste an especially rich food.

Wild at Heart
Although they enjoy the pleasures of humanoid society, a satyr's true home is in the forest, and any visit to civilized lands will ultimately prove fleeting. Enchanted woodlands provide shelter and safety, as well as the companionship of other fey creatures, thus most satyrs make their homes in small, hidden villages. Others are more solitary, retreating to some secluded hermitage to perfect a piece of music or recover after a particularly intense festival.

Caprine Appearance
Satyrs have many goat-like aspects, including thick fur on their arms and legs, curling horns on their heads and hooves instead of feet. This makes them easy to identify, for they generally make no attempt to hide these features. A variety of different shades of fur are found among satyrs, with whites and browns being most common. The grooming habits of satyrs are unpredictable, as fey fashions can change rapidly, but the vast majority put at least some effort into looking good at all times.
     All Satyrs are male; female goat-legged fey are 'glaistigs', a completely different type of creature.

Satyr Names
Though satyrs are given a name by their parents, they also take great pride on any nickname they can earn through their revelry and debauchery.
     Given Names. Adronus, Avery, Barases, Canteon, Dantes, Gilderos, Grover, Jed, O'Connor, Pan, Phaegan, Puck, Romeus, Silenus, Tarteron, Tum-Tum, Willie
     Nicknames. Count Tipsy, Fairy-Dance, The Holy Drinker, Horny Devil, Mister Handsome, Ol' Three Sheets, The Roarin' Lord

Satyr Traits
Satyrs have the following racial traits:
     Ability Score Increases. Your Charisma score increases by 2 and your Dexterity score increases by 1.
     Age. Satyrs are shorter-lived than most fey, gaining adulthood at two years old and living for around 50 years.
     Alignment. Satyrs care little for the consequences of their actions. They are almost always chaotic.
     Size. Satyrs are fairly short, usually around five feet tall. Your size is medium.
     Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
     Fey Creature. You have advantage on saving throws against being charmed, and magic can’t put you to sleep. You are, however, affected by any ability that would normally affect fey creatures. Your plane of origin is the Material Plane, the Feywild or Ysgard.
     In Vino Veritas. Any creature that has been drinking alcohol with you regards you as a trusted friend for as long as it remains drunk, unless you deliberately harm it. Additionally, you can never become sick or poisoned from drinking alcohol.
     Satyr Music. You gain proficiency in the Performance skill and one of the following instruments: pan flute, singing, or viol. You have advantage on any ability check made relating to musical contests.
     Innate Spellcasting. You know the vicious mockery cantrip. When you reach 3rd level, you can cast the charm person spell as a 2nd-level spell once with this trait and regain the ability to do so when you finish a long rest. When you reach 5th level, you can cast the suggestion spell once with this trait and regain the ability to do so when you finish a long rest. Charisma is your spellcasting ability for these spells.
     Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and Sylvan.


  1. PERFECT for the Oath of Revelry paladin.

    1. My first thought too. It just... nails... the concept.

  2. are you saying i can have my very own mr. tumnus?

    god how i miss that bastard

  3. Replies
    1. And you shall have it! Look out for the Oath of the Never-Setting Stars, which I'm hoping to release sometime soon.

    2. Ummm... The Oath of the Ancients is the fey oath.

      Of course another one which is more specifically fey wouldn't hurt.

    3. Especially because the OotA's turn ability indiscriminately targets fey creatures. I'm running a campaign with several fey PCs at the moment, so I felt it necessary to provide a more suitable Oath and ended up with something that (in my opinion) fits in well alongside the OotA.

  4. I just realized why this seems familiar? This wouldn't happen to be drawn from a certain Folio of Fey, written by a certain shrimp Shinobi, would it?

    1. Yup -- the Nails /is/ that very same assassination crustacean. Come to think of it, I need to sit down and do an announcement post for the Nails and the Knuckle

    2. Will we be seeing a release of the Fey Folio at some point?

    3. Most probably. I'm going to have to ease people into the depths of fey weirdness and see if they demand even more

    4. Well add one vote for more fey. I love this kind of stuff.

    5. Oh... I thought my stealthy entry onto the blog was deliberate... :P

      Also, loving the alternate names! Always up for some alliterative appeal! I'd certainly like to bring some of my previous work to MFoV, but I don't know exactly *how much* of it right now. Some of it /is/ pretty weird...

    6. I /was/ going to wait until you and the Knuckle had posted stuff, but I kinda underestimated how long the wait on the release queue was going to be. Oh well -- you've been spotted, so I'll write up an announcement / general update for tomorrow.

      I think we'll release for free most of the stuff from the Fey Folio here on MFoV, and the more exotic stuff will go straight into the Folio.

    7. I assume the complete Folio would be a Patreon exclusive?

    8. This is one of two books we have planned for early patreon access, but an eventual free release under the OGL. It might not fill a regular patreon slot, either. If we can get the release schedule to work, these will basically be bonus books.

    9. Awesome! Can't wait to see them!

  5. Swore that 5e MM had a mention of female satyrs existing/being kept up at their mountain homes, but checking it doesn't seem there. I may be mixing my monster manuals lol. That and the alignment seem the biggest issues to me. Practically every alignment follows up "generally X", with a comment about being available to any alignment. Chaotic Male takes a bit of choice away that seemed to not be the goal with races in 5e.

    Rest all seems quite good, the alcohol bonuses are a nice touch.

    1. Well, I did say *almost* always. The PHB uses the phrases "most" "usually" "more often than not" and "as a rule" for various races, so I don't see a strong inclination as problematic, especially when it's only one on one of the two scales.

      And yes, the all-male thing is my own invention. It's supposed to make them seem a bit weird and otherworldly. And because I have a glaistig race up me sleeve that I really like...

    2. Fair enough, as I said thought it was a little stronger restriction to PHB is all.

      In at least 5e MM, their entry's only listed as male fey, so it certainly works out :)

      Would you see it as more of dismorphism or as two seperate but similar species? If science babble takes away the Fey Magic, by all means refrain from answering that. Welcome btw.

    3. Science babble definitely takes away from the magic. These creatures can't be explained by humanoid logic.