December 17, 2016

All Patrons Eve Preview

We here at Mage Hand Press love our warlocks, our monster movies, and our spooky October holidays. This new book, All Patrons Eve, brings these loves together in a collection of new warlock Patrons, Pact Boons, Invocations, and spells. If you're looking for a new warlock, there's no better book to read!

     All Patrons Eve includes the following Otherworldly Patrons (those marked with an asterisk are exclusive to this book):

  •  Mother Beast 
  •  The Blood
  •  The Crones*
  •  The Pharaoh 
  •  The Pumpkin King* 
  •  The Reaper*


  1. The PDF has only Mother Beast in the Book, and I suppose there should be The Blood too. I mean, it is free anyway.

    1. I'll see what I can do to expand it -- I think I can throw on another page.