December 18, 2016

Tundra Update Preview

Winter is Coming. Light a fire and stay warm, for there are far deadlier things awaiting you in the ice and snow. 

Perfect for Christmas campaigns!

The Tundra Update provides players and DMs alike the resources to stage adventures in the icy north and in other landscape of eternal winter. This book includes new archetypes, hazards, magic items, monsters, spells, and more.

The following archetypes are included in this book (those marked with * are completely new):

  •  Barbarian: Path of the Frostrager*
  •  Bard: College of Skalds*
  •  Cleric: Cold Domain*
  •  Druid: Circle of Beast Riders
  •  Fighter: Torchbearer*
  •  Monk: Way of the Winter Wolves*
  •  Paladin: Oath of Winter
  •  Ranger: Primeval Conclave*
  •  Rogue: Slick Mountebank*
  •  Sorcerer: Rimeborn*
  •  Warlock: The North Wind*
  •  Wizard: School of Simulacra


  1. The PDF is of the Warlock Patron Mother Beast.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. My bad -- I got it!

      That's what I get for making these posts just before I go to sleep

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