January 30, 2017

Sentinels of the Multiverse

This book was inspired by Greater Than Games co-operative card-based board game, Sentinels of the Multiverse. Ostensibly, Sentinels is a comic-book themed card game, but its characters are so original and interesting that they span more genres than just superhero fiction. Mr. Fixer (realized as the Way of Repair) is a grease-monkey that fights with martial arts based on garage tools, and the Haka is an immortal tribal Maori warrior.

This book isn't intended to translate the entire card game to D&D, but it should give you a launching point for your own adventures with these colorful heroes. Enjoy, and have fun playing with the Sentinels!


  1. i probably could've asked this on the subclass' own page, but for the dead mist patron's eldritch investigation feature, am i to assume that the damage is 1d8*[slot level], not [slot level]d8? the wording has me a little confused

    1. This is almost certainly intended to be [slot level]d8. We almost always lean in the direction of rolling more dice.

    2. That's not even a personal policy; that's keeping with the design of 5e in general.
      I tend to find that whatever is posted here is better balanced than some of the actual source material (you know... Kensai really isn't overpowered when the rest of the party is dipping warlock or a moon druid.)