January 13, 2017

The World-Eater

Warlock Patron
Comments from the Knuckle: This patron came about when someone on the Giant in the Playground forums asked what a Warlock bound to the Tarrasque would look like. Five minutes later, I presented the first draft of the patron below. Each of the features is inspired by a feature possessed by the Tarrasque. With that said, please enjoy my first contribution to Middle Finger of Vecna, Otherwordly Patron: the World-Eater! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to drop them in the comments section below, and I will answer! :)

The World-Eater

Few warlocks follow the breadcrumbs of ancient, cryptic riddles that detail how to forge a pact with the World-Eater. This titan goes by many names: the King of Monsters, the Bottomless Hunger, the Great Maw; but its true name is the Tarrasque, a legendary creature of untold power. Without question, it is the most powerful creature on the Material Plane, curbed only by its own dormant slumber, to which it returns for decades or centuries between waking fits of destructive rage.
     This single creature can decimate kingdoms and bring empires to their knees, and it does not give its power easily. It is said that the ritual to gain the World-Eater's patronage subtly manipulates the dormant titan's dreams, bringing the prospective warlock into its favor. Performing this ritual is perilous, however; agitating the tarrasque while it slumbers may cause it to awaken, once again visiting its legendary destruction on the world.

Expanded Spell List
Your pact with the World-Eater allows you to choose from an expanded list of spells when you learn a new spell. The following spells are added to the warlock spell list for you.

World-Eater Expanded Spells
Spell Level  Spells
1stabsorb elements, earth tremor
2ndalter self, enlarge/reduce
3rdhaste, slow
4thdeath ward, freedom of movement
5thdestructive wave, planar binding

Siege Caster
Starting at 1st level, you have been empowered by your patron in such a way that none may doubt your connection to the tarrasque. You can now target objects and structures when you cast eldritch blast. Whenever you cast eldritch blast or make a melee attack against an object or structure, you deal double damage. This also applies to creatures of the “construct” type.

Magic Resistance
Starting at 6th level, you can use your action to gain resistance to damage dealt by spells and other magical effects. Your resistance lasts for 1 minute.
     Once you use this ability, you can't use it again until you finish a long rest.

Monstrous Mind
Starting at 10th level, your patron's presence has taught you to be fearless and your presence is nothing short of terrifying. You are immune to being frightened, and when another creature attempts to frighten you, you can use your reaction to frighten them. The creature must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw against your Warlock spell save DC or be frightened by you for 1 minute.
     Once you use this ability, you can't use it again until you finish a short or long rest.

Reflective Carapace
Starting at 14th level, when you are targeted by a magic missile spell, a line spell, or a spell that requires a ranged attack roll, you can use your reaction to roll a d6. On a roll of 1-4 the effects of the spell occur as normal. On a roll of 5, you are unaffected. On a roll of 6, you are unaffected, and the effect is reflected back at the caster as though it originated from you, turning the caster into the target.


  1. The header for the level 14 ability reads 'Induce Weakness' rather than 'Reflective Carapace'.
    Looks awesome though, could make for an Epic Big Bad Guy

    1. Fixed! Sorry about that and thank you for pointing it out so promptly

  2. This is really awesome! The concept is wonderful, and the class is very well balanced, and seems fully thought through.
    The only thing I'm missing in this class is the indestructibility of the Tarrasque, but since 5th edition Tarrasque has no regeneration, no damage reduction when struck with a meager +1 sword, and doesn't even require a wish to finish it off like in 3.5, I suppose it would not make sense giving the warlock something like that.

  3. Love the idea of the class, being a servant to the one who can eat continents is cool. But I feel the toughness and sheer indestructablity is somehow missing, I would have loved to see an ability to grow tough leathery skin and spikes or the ability to literally eat spells and magic to power up

    1. I toyed with similar concepts when first writing this up, but they didn't make it into the first draft, since I felt the ability to completely shut down or negate spells would be too powerful, let alone enemy spells giving you some sort of buff.

  4. As much as a love the Tarasque, I feel like emulating a specific creature goes against what a patron represents. This class is great. It's well designed, and fairly balanced. However. I can't help but feel that it would have been better suited being a servant of ANY world eater. This opens up new options for features, and offers the player more versatility. Perhaps they are bound to Jörmungandr, Nidhoggr, a Dragon Turtle, or some other beast. This would also free the DM from having to introduce the Tarasque into a world without one.

    My two cents. Take them as you will.

    1. Thank you for your comments! And, certainly you could use this for any of the World-Eaters. In the future, I might write up more generic World-Eater fluff text that's not so Tarrasque-centric.

    2. I might need to take my own advice. I was designing a Kraken patron and realized that it suffers the same lack of flavor versatility. Perhaps a Leviathan patron instead...

    3. Since the Reflective Caparace is extremely specific to the tarrasque (and the class already has a feature that protects against magic), and a lack of indestructibility seems to be a bit of an issue (to myself and Manek Madan, at least), perhaps the 14th level feature should be a more generally defensive feature. The Undying warlock (from Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide) has a 14th level feature that could be used for comparison- as a bonus action, it heals itself by 1d8+level.

      Grand Moff Xela: If you're searching for ideas for a Kraken patron, Volo's guide for monsters has a Kraken priest npc which seems pretty cool.

    4. I saw that. I've been reworking the archetype to be more of leviathan patron, rather than specific to a single creature. Though with the 14th level reworked as you suggested, this would fulfill a very similar role.

  5. This seems like it would be an awesome Patron for a more Barbarian-like Warlock (stats more focused on the physical), which is really cool! I'd like to see a brutish Warlock...