February 8, 2017

MFoV Dice!

Holy 20-sided heavens, we have MFoV branded dice! And we're giving them away as gifts to our producers! 

These d20s are custom engraved by none other than Q-Workshop and have a very detailed outline of the Middle Finger of Vecna logo in place of the normal '1'. That way, when you critically fail a sneak attack, you can shake your fist at us for ruining your roll! 

How to Get One

A) You're a patron that has been on the $10 level for more than one month, and 
B) You live in the continental United States,


So I believe in doing things as transparently as possible around here, and I anticipate a few questions:
Q: I'm not a $10 patron, but I still want one of your dice. How do I get one? 
A: The long and short of it is, you can't right now. 
I know this isn't an awesome arrangement, and $10 for a die isn't a particularly great sales pitch. Let me explain: These dice are quality work from a great manufacturer, and were done in a fairly small batch; we didn't pick up them dice for cheap, and we certainly can't ship them for a great price either. 

Rather than selling them at some ridiculous price to make a small profit, we want to look at these as gifts (with free shipping) for people who give to us most generously. These dice as a pittance compared to how much their support has meant to us as we've been getting this crazy thing off the ground, and we hope it can show a bit of our love back.
Q: Are you doing t-shirts, art prints, coffee mugs, tacky sweater vests…? 
A: Maybe! 
If you guys are interested in merchandise, let us know! We may do a poll soon to gauge interest in this sort of thing, but until then, sound off with an email or in the comments. Tell us what you'd like to be wearing or holding with our logo on it! 

Be aware that this might have some implementation lag. Right now we don't have an online store or any infrastructure to do mass shipping. That's something we're looking into, so it might take us a month or two (optimistically) to get gear rolling to people.


  1. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! Lol, when these are available for purchase to non-patron users, I would be interested.

    1. And they roll pretty well too, what with those polished smooth corners.

  2. So, as a Patronus at the $3 level, I'm wondering...

    When are you taking the count for $10 Patroni? Cause I would totally bump my pledge for one of these die. And maybe make a second account so I can get a second one. Cause, y'know, Advantage rolls are better done in one go.

    1. I plan to do this just before the payment period at the end of the month. This means I'll be sending dice to those who have had the $10 level for at least one month, so that people can't (purposefully or accidentally) bow out at the last minute or provide faulty billing information.