February 1, 2017

Rocks Fall (Everyone Dies)

Rocks Fall

Hello all! We're proud to announce the launch of our new YouTube channel, Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies, and the release of our first episode! Rocks Fall is a semi-improvised show about all things D&D.

And to make it something of a dialogue, in each show, in a segment called Mailbag of Holding, we will read and respond to some of your comments from the last episode. So get on and make a comment, and maybe we'll respond to it in the next episode.

Alongside Rocks Fall, we will also be producing a show, entitled The Tavern, in which I, the Thumb, make D&D-themed cocktails and other alcoholic drinks. Look for the first episode in a week or two! We have plenty of other exciting stuff in store for you, so support us on Patreon if you like what you see!

This is an exciting and daunting new task for the Finger and I, and we'd love to hear your feedback as we master the medium.

Wave of New Classes

This month on Patreon, we have a deluge of new classes in store for you!

The long-awaited Gunslinger is finally finished, complete with our firearm rules that finally balance guns on the same level as other weapons and magic. We're super excited to get this one out there, especially since next month will be the Weird West update. Get stoked; I think it's going to be a new instant-classic.

We've also completed an overhaul of our original class, the Craftsman. We simplified the rules, overhauled the crafting techniques, and threw in a few new exotic weapons just for good measure. It started as good, and now it's great.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Shugenja, an elemental spellcaster with an Eastern bent that exclusively uses scrolls to cast their magic. We threw in a massive library of new spells with this class to make sure it stands out from the crowd. It's definitely going to be the most unique caster you've seen in at least a couple of editions of D&D.


  1. It's been quite a slog for me personally to get this video out, but I enjoyed it the whole way. Hope everyone else enjoys it too!

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  3. Woohoo! The shugenja and the new spells are very exciting.
    The video was great (although nothing there is especially new to seasoned players, but hey, newbies need to learn the ropes too). Nice effects ;)

    1. Thank ya! For now, I'm trying a wide-net approach for the YouTube side -- I'm not sure everyone that's watching will be veterans, like many of our commentators and patrons are. We'll see how this pans out -- we might do some episodes that are designed for more seasoned players later down the line as well.

    2. As of now, we're producing Rocks Fall and The Tavern as I mentioned above. Rocks Fall will be kind of a catch-all show, with episodes covering a wide range of topics from stuff like you saw in this episode to book reviews to whatever other misc. D&D stuff we want to talk about. However, I have several other ideas that we might put to a vote at some point.

    3. It's actually not bad even for veterans. Speaking as a current judge, my players occasionally forget it's not a good idea to get into a game of chicken with the DM. I've had/have even veteran players (and the occasional judge) who forget that winning in the traditional sense isn't the point of D&D and that if the DM wants to, he will /always/ win.