March 1, 2017

Flaming Shots on The Tavern

Today on The Tavern, we make a couple of flaming shots and suffer our first casualty as Mike learns that fire is, indeed, hot.

Weird West is Here!

Everyone get on Patreon right now and download the Weird West Update!

The Weird West is hands-down my new favorite setting. It's not just the focus on guns and cowboy boots, it's the idea that you can take everything you love about fantasy and have it live in the West, with all the Western trappings and tropes. Just adding the Western elements feels like a force multiplier in terms of creativity when you're running an adventure.

This book is big. Its 50 pages includes a introduction chapter with a few adventure hooks, the entire Gunslinger class, 14 western archetypes -- one for every class, except the cleric, which inexplicably got three -- a selection of feats, pages of firearms, western equipement, and magic items, and some awesome spells.

And some truly amazing monsters. I dare you to resist putting a gatling dragon, gunsnake, and hidebehind in your next campaign session (Western themed, or not.)


  1. The cover of Weird West has a typo

    Werid West

    1. Wow. I can't believe noone saw that. I'll fix it ASAP

  2. Heres how i imagine that went down.

    -Ben passes a note to Future Ben
    -Future Ben opens the note
    -"I cast Searing Smite on Mike's glass. Don't tell him it was me."

    1. Who need Heat Metal when you can Heat Shot Glass?

    2. Lends new meaning to the word 'flametongue'...

    3. Indeed. Perhaps they should have used Chill Touch before drinking.