April 26, 2017

Epic Boons - Your Hex is on Fire

Notes from the Nails: I do love a good pun. It is a curse I must bear.

Your Hex is on Fire

Sometimes your players are goodly heroes who spend their time battling evil and saving lives. Other times, they are... not. These epic boons are aimed at players who're looking to lay sinister curses on their enemies, extending the scope and power of their dark magic to epic levels.

Some of these boons use our Witch class.

Epic Boons

Boon of Anathema
Prerequisites: access to the spell hex
When you use the hex spell to deal additional damage, that damage is increased by 1d6 fire damage. In addition, any creature affected by a hex spell that you cast also suffers from the Poisoned condition while under the effects of the spell.
Boon of the Evil Eye
Prerequisites: access to the spell bestow curse
You can now cast bestow curse as a bonus action. When you do so, it has a range of 90 feet.

Boon of Hex Mastery
Prerequisites: Witch class
You learn an additional Hex of your choice. You can receive this boon multiple times. 

Boon of Ill Fortune
When a creature you can see rolls a natural 20 on an attack roll, saving throw or ability, you can use your reaction to change it into a natural 1. Once you have used this ability, you must complete a short rest before you can use it again.

Boon of the Jinx
Prerequisites: access to the spell bane
You can now cast bane without expending a spell slot. Furthermore, hostile creatures have disadvantage on their saving throws against this spell when you cast it.

Boon of Profanity
Prerequisites: ability to cast at least one spell
When you speak a curse, you do so in a foul, inscrutable, forgotten language that cannot be understood by any mortal creature. Spells you cast that include a verbal component cannot be counterspelled, nor can they be ended early by the spells remove curse or dispel.

Boon of Torment
Prerequisites: Witch class
You gain a second Witch's Curse, in addition to the one you were afflicted with at 1st level.


  1. Um, Witch class? There is no Witch class in 5th edition.

    1. This is meant to be used with *our* Witch class: http://mfov.magehandpress.com/2016/09/witch.html. People have been asking for us to expand on it, but it'll be a while yet before the Complete Witch book comes out so I thought I'd give all the Witches out there something to be going on with in the meantime.

  2. Boon of Profanity reminds me of the Dark Speech feat from the 3e Book of Vile Darkness. Good times...

  3. I like that Anathema makes Hex feel like a real, powerful curse; not only are you burning and rotting your opponent alive, but you've also made them terrible at a roll of your choice AND poisoned them. Devastating

  4. Will these make it to a pdf one day? I really like these and i would love to compile them with all my other dnd stuff ? 😀

    1. I plan on throwing these in with the Complete Witch (whenever Patreon decides to pick that one.) Hopefully that'll be soon

    2. Me too, that has been my number 1 pick since you guys started those polls lol.