May 24, 2017

What Type of DM Are You?

Rocks Fall is back after a brief hiatus with probably our best episode yet. We dig into some common DMing styles and talk a little about the pros and cons of each.

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  1. First. Great episode guys. Sleep time now.

  2. Oh, I've been through many phases of DMing. I've been a railroader/wargamer/rules lawyer, turned into a sandboxer/improviser, and softened into somewhat of a mash of everything, with a bit of extra improviser (though when DMing for kids [as a job] I've found that Railroader/RuleOfCool works best).

    There's a rare DM type which is "Let's go crazy"- The DM who wants to get out of the conventional game by introducing unusual technology and items, weird character options (such as 3 people playing a 3-headed giant- 1 head wizard, 1 warlock, 1 sorcerer), or generally elements which the players would not expect (or maybe wouldn't want) in the game.

  3. Heh, I am definitely something of a Preparer DM with touches of Rule of Cool.

    1. One of my players once described me as "aggressively prepared". Apparently my 14 page chapters for my campaign and multiple predictive plans labeled A1-A4 indicate an uncommon level of preparation, which just seems silly to me.

  4. Rule of cool,minor dmpc,and improviser. I let the rule of cool take priority so i have to time to plot out the next is simpler i picked three more encounters after a violent excecution.after the session i write down my notes and i check what they had done wihlth mknor preparedness.

  5. Really I'm all of these simultaneously. I truly believe that it makes my sessions fun for my players. Like, they like having stories ready to go but when one goes off script in an unexpected or interesting way it's fun to see where the rabbit hole goes. Or how we're all still learning some of the more esoteric rules to the game so we'll break for 10 minutes to figure something out and ultimate decide whether we go with "ok that's what the rules say" or "that's dumb, new house rule:..."

    Also, thanks Idan for pointing out the "Let's go crazy" I think I've already been guilty of that.

    Great episode guys!

  6. I consider myself a bit of a Preparer, with middle ground between Railroader and Sandboxer though notably not a good Improviser, and a dislike for focusing too much on combat so very much not a Wargamer.

    Finally I'm a mix of a Rules Lawyer and Rule of Cool in the sense I'm willing to consider more unconventional characters or players using 3rd party and homebrew if it doesn't appear too unbalanced. Yet with this, I generally try not to bend the rules that are used.