June 28, 2017

Evil Archetypes News and a New Tavern Episode

Hello faithful disciples of Vecna! We've got some awesome news for our non-patron readers. Our previously Patreon-only book, Evil Archetypes, is now available to purchase for digital download on our online store! You can find it by following the link below.

Evil Archetypes

Also, we've got a new episode of The Tavern, wherein we make a Vicious Mockery and a Storm Giant.

Be sure to check out the bonus segment in our new aftershow, Tavern After Hours, where we drink a spicy Burning Hands shot!


  1. I love these tavern episodes and have been waiting for the evil archetypes.

  2. Love the evil archetypes pdf. One question; Siddhartha's Thousand Deaths doesn't have a saving throw DC given. Would it be DC 13 (8 + Wis + what I'm assuming is his Prof. bonus of 3), or would the saving throw be higher, considering that the feature is Level 17 in the actual archetype?

    1. Good catch! It should, in fact, be DC 13. Let me know if you see anything else that needs correcting or clarifying!