August 9, 2017

Complete Craftsman & How NOT to Railroad

Greetings, blessed children of Vecna! We've got some goodies to share:

The Complete Craftsman, one of our favorite books of all time (and previously open only to our patrons), is now available to purchase for digital download on our online store! You can find it by following the link below:

Complete Craftsman (It's super great! Click here!)

Also, after a bit of a hiatus, we have a brand new episode of Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies! This one is about railroading, or rather, not doing that.


  1. I have somewhat of a meta question: Does the mailbag of holding include comments from this site or only from youtube?

    Also, great episode. I managed to get out of railroading (except when DMing for kids, in which case railroading is usually for the best), and many of those tips are ideas that I used.

    1. I think we're just using YouTube for Mailbag comments.

    2. Sometimes we pull comments from here if somebody posts a comment on the post instead of the video, but for the most part, we try to pull just from youtube.

  2. Of course a spambot is nothing sacred

  3. Im really excited im going to buy the pdfs dor the conplete craftsman and the evil archetype with my first check