September 18, 2017


Sorcerous Origin
Notes from the Nails: a bit of a mash-up here, with the fluff inspired by The Time Traveller's Wife, the capstone drawing on the Prince of Persia games, and the rest of the class pretty much my own work.


Being born with unpredictable magical powers in one's blood is often an unpleasant and traumatic thing but, of all the sorcerous origins, the futuresoul must be one of the most disruptive. These rare individuals possess souls that are dislocated from time, causing all manner of chronomantic disturbances wherever they go. The futuresouls themselves experience the worst effects, jumping randomly forwards or backwards in time, sometimes by years or decades. With practice, however, these sorcerers can gain control over their powers, with some becoming truly formidable spellcasters.

Natural Chronomancy
Your soul is infused with time magic, giving you a natural facility with Chronomancy. All of the Chronomancy Spells are added to your spell list. In addition, you gain the following spells at the listed sorcerer level. These spells do not count against the number of sorcerer spells you know.

Futuresoul Bonus Spells
Sorcerer level Spells
1stdéjà vu, enhance reflexes
3rdaction, burst of speed
5thhaste, slow
7thcurse of aging, impressions of the past
9thevasiveness, temporal reversion

Spirit of Alacrity
At 1st level, your movement speed increases by 10 feet. When you gain the Font of Magic feature at 2nd level, you can spend one sorcery point to take the Dash action as a bonus action.

Improved Quicken Spell
At 6th level, you learn the Quicken Spell Metamagic option. If you already know it, you can select another of your choice. Furthermore, you can use Quicken Spell in conjunction with one other Metamagic option and, if you use Quicken Spell on a cantrip, its cost is reduced to 1 sorcery point.

Future Impulse
Starting at 14th level, you gain the ability to see events just before they happen. If a creature targets you with a spell attack or includes you in the area of a spell that allows you to make a saving throw, you can use your reaction to cause the spell to miss or make your saving throw an automatic success.
     Once you use this feature, you can’t use it again until you finish a long rest.

Reverse Time
At 18th level, your control over time is so complete that you can reverse time and rewrite events that have already happened. As a reaction to any creature you can see dropping to zero hit points (including yourself), you can use this ability to reverse time for a few seconds. The game restarts from the beginning of the current turn. This time, however, the creature that fell automatically passes any saving throws it is required to make, adds +10 to its AC and has resistance to all damage until the end of the turn. The creature whose turn it is must take the same actions it took the first time.
     Once you have used this ability, you can't use it again until you finish a long rest.


  1. I don't know why, but this makes me think of Dr Who...

    1. Honestly, that wasn't in my thoughts when I wrote this. The Doctor isn't really a spellcaster anyway... maybe more of a mastermind rogue?

    2. Yeah, I should probably mention that I've never watched Dr Who. Being the longest lasting show on television always makes it feel like I need to catch up. Please don't bite my head off.

    3. Haha, it's kind of surprising that this would make you think of something you haven't even seen.

      If you were thinking of getting into, it would probably be fine to skip over the old stuff and start from the Christopher Eccleston series. That's what I did, at least. That said, I haven't actually seen the most recent one. *shrug*

    4. I mean, it isn't like The Doctor, and I thought it was. The only common link is time.

    5. Hmmm... Is there a Rogue archtype that's misplaced in time? That could be fun. Doctor Who style or even Tracer style from Overwatch???

    6. I think they already did a tracer style rogue. Check the blog for 'Chrono Hopper

    7. Roger dat! So many archtypes to look through.

    8. It's hard to keep track ourselves sometimes.

  2. I've honestly really wanted to play a chronomancer... Thanks!

  3. I now no longer will strictly play a wildmage

  4. My only problem with this is the similarity between the two last abilities.

    On another note, now I (almost) wanna change the sorcerer/paladin I currently play- I use twinned GFB for multiattack if I'm near 2 enemies, but Improved Quicken would allow me to quicken Booming Blade against 1 enemy as well.