October 4, 2017

d100 Adventures in Dark Matter

This month on patreon we released our biggest book by far, a full sci-fi conversion and campaign setting called Dark Matter. This book is 118 pages of awesomeness, full of new races, classes, star ships, and worldbuilding. We love this setting, and we've spent so much time writing it, that we couldn't help thinking about adventures the adventures we'd run in this setting in our home games.

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Here's a d100 table to get your very own Dark Matter campaign started:

Dark Matter Adventures
1-2The consul of a human garden world needs help to find out why all the plant life is dying.
3-4An elven frigate docks at the local maw, though there are no crew members on board.
5-6A Shadow Network cell has been found operating out of a prominent dwarven official’s home and the you are somehow implicated in the crime.
7-8Over the last few weeks, roach users all over the ‘verse have been jumping far off course. When traced on a map, all their potential paths lead to an unexplored system on the galactic frontier.
9-10A young woman seeks refuge on your ship, claiming she is being pursued by shadowy Tower agents. She does not reveal that she is a warlock, nor does she disclose the arcane secrets stored within her satchel.
11-12Your ship has been infested with small, harmless, but rapidly expanding gelatinous cubes.
13-14A silver disc, very much like the enigmatic one that inspired gnomish spaceflight, has been found crash-landed on an uncharted moon. Some of its systems even still function.
15-16While mining an outer rim world, a crew of dwarves uncovered a mystical device that teleported them all to the Solar Citadel.
17-18Hundreds of vect around the ‘verse have gone mad after witnessing the same vivid hallucinations of a Foundry ship in peril.
19-20A group of terrorists has obtained an arcane warhead and is holding the local maw hostage.
21-22The new drive core installed on your ship has a vect construct core, granting your ship a sentient personality.
23-24An eternal dragon needs the gold in its treasure-laden asteroid to be polished, and its kobold minions are on vacation. There’ll be dire consequences if anyone steals as much as a copper piece from the mountains of riches.
25-26You’ve landed on a primitive, non-spacefaring world. The inhabitants have been waiting for you, and ask you to fulfil the prophecy.
27-28Your ship has just been entered into the Galactic Grand Prix! Get from one edge of the galaxy to the other in as fast a time as possible!
29-30You have been hired to transport 1,000 head of Garbulen space cattle. They’re like regular cows, but carnivorous.
31-32One party member is reminded of their dark past when a Gold Skeleton is sent to kill them as its Final Command, vengeance for misdeeds almost a decade prior.
33-34A malfunction in your teleporter causes one crew member to be duplicated. The copy is identical to the original, down to its memories, but has the exact opposite alignment.
35-36Several Dead Magic Zones have spontaneously popped up in shipping lanes in your local quadrant.
37-38Your ship becomes infested with difficult-to-exterminate mechanical mice. To solve this, the captain purchases a construct cat. When that runs amok, it's time to get a robotic dog to catch the cat. What do you do when the dog malfunctions?
39-41The orcish Warhorde is on the move, and the Lakshay garrison needs assistance. They’re happy to provide battle frames to any able warriors that come to their aide.
42An intergalactic construction firm has decided to destroy your home planet to make way for a new shipping lane. You must find the appropriate paperwork to log a formal complaint and fill it out in triplicate.
43-44The Temple has recently started offering resurrections for free to anyone that pledges their soul to the Chosen. Obviously, demand is huge, and the waiting queue already stretches back for years, but those who are returned to life seem different somehow.
45-46You learn that one of your new acquaintances, a bounty hunter festooned with blasters and defense drones, has a bounty on one of your long-time wizard companions, and will stop at nothing to collect.
47-48An intrepid, or possibly insane, explorer claims he’s discovered a means to catch a fabled ship, The Infinity, which he claims is not only real, but will make everyone unspeakably wealthy.
49-50Astrogation Inc. has discovered a frontier maw station that has been completely offline for centuries. They want to hire you to transport a team of amoeboid engineers to the maw and to explore the surrounding area.
51-52You land on a supposedly unexplored world only to discover that it was fabricated by a now-defunct planet creation firm. The primitive residents are desperate to discover why their gods abandoned them. 
53-54Rumors abound of a world that contains an abundance of Poseidon Solution, and nautilid ships are on the move. Unfortunately, the world lies deep within the Orc Warzone, and the nautilid fleet requires an escort.
55-56You receive a cryptic communique from the Shadow Network. Details are sparse, but it appears to be offering you part in a heist on the Galactic Bank.
57-58On the local maw station, an amoeboid’s experiment has mutated its genetics, and now it transforms into a hulking (but still translucent and blue) beast every night. You are enlisted to track down the amoeboid responsible. 
59-60You, along with a hundred mercenary ships, are hired to protect a DD&D shipment containing some sort of relic. None other than the avia-ra flagship, The Prophet, comes to take it.
61-62An elven colony ship is sending a distress beacon, claiming that they are being attacked. When you arrive, the passengers seem fine and the crew claims no knowledge of the beacon.
63-64After investigating gestational pods on an alien world, your crew start going missing one by one, as a rapidly maturing monster is let loose on the vessel.
65-66When you exit a particularly turbulent void jump, you discover a vast worm has wrapped itself around your ship.
67-68An anonymous, but extremely wealthy financier has hired the Coalition to retake a swathe of dwarven space. If not stopped, an immense and devastating war will soon commence.
69-70A series of grisly murders have taken place on the Solar Citadel, and the Order of the Sepulcher are worried that escalating tensions and accusations might throw the Citadel into chaos.
71-72Somehow, a faction within the Warhorde has constructed an incredibly large scrap-ship, composed of engines and weapons from a hundred different ships rigged together with surprising cohesion. It’s slow, but extremely dangerous, frequently launching arcane warheads, and it’s making a beeline for the Galactic Core.
73-74You encounter a dashing young man and his traveling companions on their adventures through the ‘verse. Their ancient spaceship is hardly the size of an escape pod, but is much bigger on the inside.
75-76The bizarre coincidence of several spacesharks being caught within a rare mega air elemental has created in a furious tornado of teeth.
77-78While you explore the outer rim of the galaxy, you encounter a planet that seems to be occupied by people from across the ‘verse. Not just any people; dead people, including your loved ones.
79-80Your ship breaks down on a backwater world, but replacement parts are ludicrously priced due to organized crime on this planet, and the you end up in debt to a mob boss. 
81-82Someone is producing a cheap alternative to roaches, called jump dust. The dust works as advertised, and for a tenth of the price of a roach, but unbeknownst to its buyers, it instantly kills about a fourth of its users. Find who’s making this poison.
83-84You decide to take a vacation on the elven resort world, Paradise 1. Little do you know that your rest and relaxation will be cut short when you discover how the world is kept so idyllic year round.
85-86You touch down on a previously undiscovered world inhabited by 1-foot tall green people. Before you know it, the inhabitants have erected tiny temples and monuments in your honor, worshiping your party as gods. 
87-88Constructs start malfunctioning while the you are traveling on a luxury cruise liner. Someone has released the N-Virus, endangering hundreds of lives, but why?
89-90Good news, everyone! You've just been hired to deliver 500 tons of extremely volatile Traflaxian explosion crystals to the Perseus-8 system!
91-92The ship picks up a lone distress beacon originating from within a graveyard of destroyed ships. Lifeform scanners don’t detect any life, but the you can’t shake the feeling you’re being watched.
93-94Your Credit accounts with the Galactic Bank have been hacked, and the only way to recover your money is by playing an advanced gnomish virtual reality game to find the thief. 
95-96You slip into a demiplane that contains a vast library of hexagonal rooms and nonsense books. This mystery surrounding this library involves an ancient supercomputer, cataloging the souls of everyone who has ever lived.
97-98An errant void jump has left your ship in a Dead Magic Zone. Without some quick thinking, you’ll surely suffocate in your ship.
99A strangely-shaped vessel has shown up on the edge of the Dead Magic Zone. It contains a bizarre golden disc, and is emblazoned with a symbol reading ‘NASA’.
100An interdimensional imp has taken notice of your crew, and decides to amuse itself by putting you through a series of bizarre tests.


  1. First off, nicely done. These are great, and I am loving the references.
    Second, #98 repeats "Without some quick thinking"
    Third...#42 Don't Panic!

  2. Some of these made me laugh really hard (sharknado).

    This made me think- Episode 1 of The Expanse would make a really good start for an adventure.

  3. The fact that we had to cut stuff from this made me realize just how much we fleshed out Dark Matter’s world - so many more ideas and adventures to be had! ^_^

  4. Isn't 95-96 Dyvarta? Huh.

    These are great, can't wait to use them.

    1. I've wanted for a long time to stick an entire adventure in that infinite library, but haven't managed to do it yet, so I just keep putting it in the margins of my campaign settings until that day comes.

  5. Replies
    1. I don't think I've ever been so excited to answer a question. See, in Dark Matter, there's this eastern-inspired human faction called Lakshay. To quote:

      "...the Lakshayan engineers devised the first Battle Frame, a gargantuan, mechanized exoskeleton, rocket-powered, and armed with a sword and a barrage of micro-missiles"

      Think: hundred-foot tall gundam, designed for killing orcs with an uchigatana.

      I love this setting.

    2. Giant robots. I promise that if we do another update, you'll get a Voltron or Power Rangers style combining battle frame.

  6. Will Dark Matter ever be available in your store, or will it be Patreon only? Also, will there ever be a print version of DM (or any of your other books did that matter)?

    1. These are all really good questions that might deserve an entire post as an answer, but I'll offer some here.

      Printing a book is no joke; to do that, we'd have to start a massive Kickstarter to raise funds, track down all sorts of resources (like copyright lawyers, printing plants, and the like). We'd have to have a plan for ages, years even, and scheme in the background to make it happen.

      This is all a hypothetical, but if we WANTED to print a book, Dark Matter is certainly the best option we have. But if we were /hypothetically/ thinking about printing a book, we'd /hypothetically/ want it completely expanded to be about 200 pages with a few more updates on Patreon before we make such an announcement, so that we can come onto the scene with a completely finished and polished product, ready for printing, and an attractive sales pitch of getting it out the door quickly. As a new company, we'd need that as a minimum to get to the /hypothetically/ calculated goal of 25-30k.

      And if we were considering all of that, we wouldn't put Dark Matter on the store at all; after all, it's /hypothetically/ going to be expanded a few times over, and we'd want to /hypothetically/ offer the first non-patreon download of it via Kickstarter.


      For now, (and for the foreseeable future), Dark Matter is going to be Patreon-only at the $3 level; still not a bad cost for 120 pages.

    2. You know, as a thought experiment.

    3. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question! :)

      Your sarcastic levels of hypothesis give me hope that I will be able to back a Dark Matter Kickstarter in the (relatively) near future!

  7. You guys should do a Dark Matter Craftsman. Maybe something based around a small personal mech or a Xenoalchemist-style one where they create and modify various prosthesis?

    1. We have both of those ideas written in a potential to-do list for future expansions, along with ideas for Dark Matter channelers and alchemists.

    2. Both of those will be coming at one point or another, on the blog if nowhere else.