October 25, 2017

7 Silly Mundane Items

Can anyone say "prop comedy"?

Silly Adventuring Gear

Sometimes, the adventuring gear listed in official publications can seem limiting. The world is literally full of mundane items just begging to be misused by adventurers!

1-Foot pole
This small stick can be used to prod things from a short distance away, prop open doors and windows, and deliver corporal punishment to unruly schoolchildren. It is not sturdy enough to function as a weapon of war.

Butterfly Net
Simple melee weapon, finesse, reach, special
On a hit, this weapon deals no damage, but if the target is Tiny, it is restrained (escape DC 13). Enchanted versions (Butterfly Net +1, etc.) also exist; these add a +1 bonus to attack rolls and to the escape DC.

Candle, scented
For 1 hour, this candle sheds bright light in a 5-foot radius and dim light for an additional 5 feet. Creatures within 10 feet can also sense a pleasant smell emanating from the candle.

Clothes, spiffing
This outfit includes a cool hat, a classy monocle and a quality pipe. There is no situation in which it is not the best possible choice of clothing.

Sack, loot
This black-dyed sack can hold 2 cubic feet or 60 pounds of items, but can only be used for coins, gemstones and objets d'art.

This fur or leather pouch can hold up to 40 sling bullets or 100 blowgun needles, among other things, to a maximum of 12 pounds. It can be worn in formal settings where a backpack might not be appropriate. Typically, it looks best when paired with a kilt or skirt.

Tonic Water (flask)
This water functions exactly like natural drinking water, except that any genie that drinks it becomes drunk as if it were a strong spirit.


  1. Sorry for the late post, all!

    I found this in the backlog -- I think some of the jokes are fairly British. What's that old rule about Tasha's Hideous Laughter not translating well to creatures that speak other languages?

  2. For all the Harry Potter fans on here, the first one is essentially Dudley's Smelting Stick. And I honestly can't think of a time when a monocle and a pipe aren't useful.

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    1. Rogue test that corpse how use your stick of poking