December 11, 2017

Witch Hex Cards

Comments from the Finger: I might do this for the other base classes eventually, too.

Hex Cards

These cards are additions to our Witch class.

If you're one of those tables that uses spell cards, playing a homebrew class can be frustrating, since your class abilities are split between the printed cards and the notes on your character sheet. When when we made cards for the Binder we learned that transferring certain class features to cards is extremely helpful, and can make a class twice as fun to play. So now we're doing that with the Witch!

When you print these cards out on 8.5x11 paper, they should be exactly the right size to slip into a card sleeve.


  1. Useful. Looks nice. I have a Witch as a backup character, so if my current character dies this will be a must have

  2. Wow awesome! I've been loving the Witch for a while will for sure use these.

  3. I have a lingering question about the Coven feature: if the hag ally is prevented from teleporting away (such as by an angtimagic field or a sleep spell) what happens?

  4. I would love this for some of the other base classes