January 10, 2018

WORST Monsters in 5th Edition

Hey, remember how we have a YouTube channel? Here's a new video!

On this episode of Rocks Fall, we dive into the most dangerous monsters in 5th edition -- the ones most likely to send a PC, or even the entire party, to an unexpected grave. Plus, we talk through a slightly longer Mailbag section. If you leave a comment on YouTube, we might even respond in next episode's Mailbag.


  1. Definitely some horrible monsters in there. Other extremely dangerous ones are Remorhazes (immune to 2 damage types, damaging aura, high ac, very high damage, swallow on the grown up one), Beholders (the DM has to play them smart, but they can be brutal with the antimagic cone), Glabrezu (my favorite demon, can attack twice AND cast a spell on one turn, and has infinite dispel, plus some other stuff). Honorable mentions go to Arcanaloths, (which are the 2nd strongest spellcasting monster after liches), and Shambling Mounds (resisting fire&cold and absorbing lightning makes them a caster's bane).

  2. Intelect devour was fun like twenty kobolds fun and one tarrasque cuz rocks fall

  3. I don't know if this is a good place to ask this but do you guys have a possible date for a rage mage redux you had mentioned was in the works? I'm asking because I have a fellow party member in a friend's campaign who just had a character die and was thinking a magic using barbarian for his next character. We are playing my campaign for the next three or so weeks, then we are going back to the campaign he needs the rage mage for. I was curious if we might be seeing it before then otherwise we will have to run the old version and update the character later.