February 5, 2018

Onion Knight

Martial Archetype
Comments from the Finger: More Dark Souls? You bet.

Knight of Catarina

Prerequisite: Great Weapon Fighting Style
Catarina is a land known for its festivity and drinks, as well as its valiant knights, easily identified by (and often ridiculed for) their hefty, onion-shaped armor. As absurd as this armor might seem, its distinctive, rounded design excels in deflecting the brunt of damage, making it among the most protective armor available. Catarina knights are uniformly strong, capable of lugging their armor and an incredibly heavy weapon even in treacherous battles, and profoundly chivalrous, valuing courage, honor, and comradery above all else.

Onion Armor
Starting when you choose this archetype at 3rd level, when you don heavy armor, you can choose to reinforce your armor. When you wear reinforced armor, your AC is always 16 (unless it would be lower). For every point that your AC would otherwise be higher than 16, you can subtract that amount whenever you take damage. For example, if you are wearing reinforced splint armor and holding a shield, your AC is 16, but would normally be 19, so you can subtract 3 from all damage you take.
     At higher levels, you can subtract additional damage while wearing reinforced heavy armor. At 7th level, you can subtract 1, and 10th, you can subtract 2, at 15th, you can subtract 3, and at 18th, you can subtract 4.

Think it Through
At 3rd level, if you spend 10 minutes thinking about a problem or obstacle, you have advantage on the next Intelligence check you make to figure out how to overcome it.

Courage of Catarina
Starting at 7th level, you can’t be frightened by a creature you can see.

Heavy Strike
By 10th level, you can knock your foes off guard with heavy blows. Whenever you roll damage for an attack that you make with a heavy melee weapon, you can reroll the damage die even if it is not a 1 or a 2, and must use the new roll. Additionally, you deal an additional 2 damage if you roll the highest possible damage.

Pierce Shield Gambit
At 15th level, whenever a creature within 5 feet of you hits you with an attack while you're wearing reinforced armor, you can use your reaction to subtract an additional 1d8 points of damage from the attack or to make a melee attack against the creature.

Starting at 18th level, you and your allies triumph together in all combat. Each friendly creature you choose within 15 feet benefits from the same damage reduction that you gain from your Onion Armor feature.


  1. When i saw onion knight i thought final fantasy

    1. Really? I thought Game of Thrones (I didn't play DS though).

    2. The FF Onion Knight is the one true Onion Knight. All others are pretenders.

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  3. Still closed.
    Still closed.

  4. Whenever I see Onion Knight and it's some Dark Souls shit I get real sad

  5. Does the reinforced armor happen at the levels noted regardless, like cantrips, or only when the level is reached in the Fighter? Same question for the Crusader's delayed damage.

  6. How did you balance the damage reduction of the Onion Armor? I like the idea, but I am unsure just how effective it is. Also, how would it interact with the Heavy Armor Master feat?