February 21, 2018

The Tavern - 3 Warlock Martinis

Ever wanted to make a martini-style cocktail based on each of the 3 core warlock patrons? No? Well we did anyway, on our most recent episode of The Tavern! From the unusual translucent black of the Great Old martini to the light, flowery flavor of the Archfey martini, we have quite the selection for you. And stick around for the Fiend martini, where we once again play with hot peppers!

Quick poll for those who are interested. Would you like to see a wider range of stuff on The Tavern? I'm talking non-alcoholic refreshments, snacks for tabletop sessions, and possibly even entire fantasy-themed meals, if we decide to spread our wings a bit.


  1. Show me the food! I NEED MORE FOOD.

  2. I'd love to see some non-alcoholic recipes. My group tends to get sleepy or stupid when the alcohol comes out, so we have to keep these drinks to the rare weekend when we aren't gaming.

  3. The expansion would be greatly welcomed. After all a tavern isn't just a place for alcohol but for all kinds of refreshment.