March 16, 2018

Dirty Player

Roguish Archetype
Comments from the Finger: More Siegeball stuff? You got it. For easy reference, this one uses the Other Actions in Siegeball section, found here.

Dirty Player

Not everyone in siegeball plays fair. In fact, some players are known for their propensity for rules breaking. When a slide-tackle or direct attack goes unpunished, a player sneaks a shiv into a game, or some other disreputable act gets past a referee's watch, you can be certain that the offending player is a Dirty Player. Such players are valued for their ability to bruise the opposing team, taking the punishment for illegal plays while the rest of their team profits off their misdeeds. Though dirty players are loathed by fans, they are nonetheless a vital part of the highest and lowest levels of strategy in the game.

Unsporting Action
Starting when you choose this archetype at 3rd level, you can use your bonus action to take the Block or Follow action, or to attempt to Tackle a creature of Medium size or smaller. These actions are detailed in the Other Siegeball Actions section.

Subtle Strike
Also at 3rd level, you've mastered the skill of harming someone in plain sight. When you make a melee Sneak Attack against a creature, you can forfeit your additional damage to completely conceal the attack. Creatures more than 5 feet away from the target merely see you draw close to the target -- they do not see your weapon, an attack, or immediate evidence of the attack.
     In a siegeball game, you can use a Subtle Strike to automatically succeed on the Dexterity (Stealth) check made to attack a player illegally.
     Additionally, you can make Sneak Attacks with unarmed strikes.

Theatrical Dive
By 9th level, you've mastered the art of exaggerating the blows you take. You can use your reaction when you take damage to feign taking a mortal blow. You fall prone and make a Charisma (Deception) check, with advantage, contested by the Wisdom (Insight) check of each creature that sees you fall. If you succeed against a creature, that creature believes that you have dropped to 0 hit points, and will act accordingly.
     In a siegeball game, this may result in a penalty to an opposing player.

Feinting Move
Starting at 13th level, your slippery positioning and sudden shifts in direction can trip up even experienced opponents. When you move, you can use your bonus action and use 10 feet of your movement to feint a creature within 10 feet of you. Choose one of the following effects:
  • That creature can't take reactions until the start of your next turn.
  • The next attack roll made against that creature by a creature other than yourself has advantage. 
  • The creature has disadvantage on all Wisdom checks and saving throws until the beginning of your next turn.

Low Blow
At 17th level, whenever you hit a Large or smaller creature with a Sneak Attack, you can knock the target prone.


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