June 29, 2018

Black Mage

Arcane Tradition
Comments from the Finger: Special thanks to Fabhar on the Mage Hand Press Discord for slapping this one together and dealing with the harshest editor of all time. I swear, we're not on a full-on final fantasy kick or anything.

School of Black Arcana

Black Mages are known for pointed yellow hats, blue robes, and hidden faces, but they are most prominently known for their vicious spells that can bring a down a lone target in a matter of seconds. They have a reputation for tapping into their allies like batteries and for quite literally sharing the injuries they receive. Because of this, their reputation is rather poor - but you can't argue with the impressive results of their magic.

Rod Lore
At 2nd level, clubs, maces, and morningstars count as arcane focuses for you. Additionally, you gain proficiency with these weapons.

Damage Dispersion
At 2nd level, you can disperse damage you take amongst your allies. As a reaction, you may select up to three willing creatures and divide the damage you would take from a source by the total (including yourself), rounded up. You and all allies chosen take the reduced damage. This damage can't be reduced or avoided by damage resistance or immunity.

Black Resonance
Beginning at 6th level, whenever you cast a spell that deals damage to only one target, you can use your bonus action to deal an additional 1d4 damage to the target for each friendly creature within 5 feet of you, up to a maximum of 3d4.

Pierce Magical Defense
Starting at 10th level, creatures with the Magic Resistance trait don't have advantage on saving throws against spells that you cast.
     Additionally, you can impose disadvantage on one saving throw against a spell that you cast. Once you use this ability, you can't use it again until you finish a long rest.

Group-Cast All
At 14th level, when you cast a cantrip that requires a ranged spell attack or saving throw and only targets one creature, you can cast the spell on up to two other targets within range of the spell.
     You can use this feature a number of times equal to your Intelligence modifier. You regain all expended uses when you finish a long rest.
     Cantrips used with this feature still qualify for use with your Black Resonance feature, which applies to each target.

Changelog: 7/2/18: Group-Cast All: Reworded


  1. Intresting so a bard teaming up with vivi and a bardbarian could be the best black metal group. Damage dispersion

  2. I really have no balancing criticism on this one. I tried, honest, but it really seems fair.

    Well, actually, pierce magical defense might be very strong at high levels, but can't really be called overpowered. And a 14th level feature meant for cantrips is a bit odd, but this one seems pretty good.

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    1. Ah, fabulous! Loved the Final Fantasies, especially 12 and Battle Tactics. The black mages were most satisfying to use, and this port into 5e is most intriguing.

      Apologies, the previous version was riddled with typos.

  4. Surprised there isn't some kind of reaction ability to add elemental damage to the Melee Attack of an ally (probably within x distance, 30ft? 60ft?) a la FF9 Steiner's Spellblade (which requires Vivi to be in the active group, so I figure it's more of a Black Mage support ability rather than a Eldritch Knight feature)

  5. Not that it’s hyper important to have it, but I’m bummed the PDF can’t be opened. Well, unless that’s an unidentified problem on my end.