June 28, 2018

Dark Matter FAQs

Dark Matter Kickstarter FAQs

The Dark Matter Kickstarter launches on July 17th! Mark your calendars! Tell your friends!

To keep you all on the same page, I'll answer some of the most commonly-asked questions about the Kickstarter.

Do you ship internationally? 

The plan is to ship worldwide. Of course, just because we're shipping internationally doesn't mean it'll happen fast. So, if you're outside the US, it'll probably be a bit of a wait. If for some reason we're unable to figure out shipping for everywhere in the world, I promise we'll at least cover Canada, the UK, and Australia.

If I get the Deluxe Hardcover, are you also going to send me the normal hardcover?

Nope, if you pledge to get the Deluxe Hardcover, you're getting one copy of the book, with the fancy Kickstarter cover. (If there's an easy way on Kickstarter of letting you select the cover you want, I'll make that happen.)

Do your Patreon patrons get Dark Matter for free?

Unfortunately, we don't really have a level on Patreon to cover something on the scale of a 200-page PDF. If you're interested in getting an early look at the fully-completed Dark Matter, we've got a few chapters on Patreon, but if you're interested in the PDF, please throw us a few bucks on Kickstarter!

Is Dark Matter going to include any new content from that which is released on the Patreon?

Yes; the amount depends on the chapter. In addition to general reformatting, additions for style, and small balance changes, we expect to rework the spells chapter with several new spell additions, add a few things to the Character Options chapter, and expand the Gadgeteer before all is said and done. If you want the definitive Dark Matter, Kickstarter is where to find it!

What's included with the $100 tier?

In addition to all the digital stuff, the hardcover with the exclusive Kickstarter cover, and a bunch of goodies, you get to name a character mentioned somewhere in the book. (Within reason: no profanity or crazy jumbled words.) This mention might be in the flavor text of a race entry, a quote in a floating textbox, or somewhere else. At the $200 level, we take this one step further and name a spell in the book (as per 'Pilcrow's Speedbike').

How many spots are open for the $100 and $200 tiers?

As of right now, we think there'll be 15 slots for the $100 tier and ONE slot for the $200 tier. Better get in fast when the Kickstarter launches!


  1. Do current Patreon supporters get anything seeing as we already funded a chunk of the content? Like early access to The Kickstarter or dibs on the limited tiers.

  2. Can't wait to see the finished article. I'm planning on running a dark matter campaign in September, as I just love the setting and the rules you'd already put on patreon. I did a lot of extra conversion to it, to make a version of your work that would be suitable for a setting 5000 years ahead of my own fantasy setting!

    The party are going to be the crew of a transport ship, who will come across a large organisation of cultists lead by terminus, who want to great a giant portal to the void so it can devour the universe!

  3. I want to claim that $200 tier for myself, so everyone else back off it. I claim dibs. Me. Mine! All me! Lv99Pangolin WILL have his special spot so help me I'll bring down a vebgence so great your entire liniage will feel the wrath if thou so dare to touch my spot.

    So sayeth the Pango.