July 7, 2018

Dark Matter Covers

Another Dark Matter update! If you pledge during the Kickstarter to get Dark Matter, you can get access to a special, limited edition variant cover, which I'm proud to show off here:

The Dark Matter Kickstarter is July 17th! 

Put it on your calendar, tell your friends!


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  2. I love the battle frame design on the kickstarter version! Will that be on all versions of the book gotten through the kickstarter, or only those at the $55 pledge level?

    1. Only those at the higher level.

      It's kind of counter-intuitive: at the moment, *both* covers are only available via kickstarter. The difference is that the battle frame one won't ever be available outside of KS.

    2. Thanks for the reply! I guess I'm spending $15 dollars than I was expecting too!

  3. ...I wasn't planning on backing this kickstarter, as I'm saving money for a car. But that mech cover... SO GOOD.