July 16, 2018

Dark Matter Kickstarter and 30-Page Sample Book

It's finally happening! The Dark Matter kickstarter launches tonight at 12:30 AM CST, so if you're looking to get one of those limited $100 or $200 slots, to immortalize your character in the 'verse, you'll want to pledge as soon as possible!

Preview link!

When the kickstarter goes live, this becomes a link to the page itself! For now, you can hang out, read through the 30-page sample book, and tell your friends!


  1. This one has been waiting a long time for this. It is looking forward to assisting. It shall be an opportunity to provide thanks for all the material that has already been provided.

  2. Replies
    1. It took a few minutes for me to get Kickstarter to cooperate. Glad you got yours in!