August 15, 2018

Podcast Parade Part 2: The Stream-oning

Actual play Dungeons and Dragons podcasts! Actual play Dungeons and Dragons podcasts! Due to warehouse inventory mismanagement, we're currently OVERSTOCKED on all Actual Play Dungeons and Dragons Podcasts and Streams and we're passing the savings onto YOUUUUU!!

Everyone's been asking us why we haven't shot one of our playtests of Dark Matter as an advertisement for the Kickstarter. The answer to that is twofold: firstly, we tried and (due to a litany of errors) we didn't have anything to show for it, and secondly, because there's people far more talented than us who will stream it!

Seriously, we've got a ton of talented groups to talk about and more content than you can shake a stick at, so it's time to do another podcasts and streams roundup:

Encounter Roleplay

First and foremost, we're super excited to see Encounter Roleplay dip their toes into Dark Matter for two streams, featuring Will Jones (@EncounterWill), Charlie (@FrostFrmFire), Nicklas (@nyvinter), and Pruitt from WebDM (@JPruInc)! The first stream is on:

Thursday 16th, at 8 PM EST

On the Encounter Roleplay Twitch channel! If you're at all interested in Encounter Roleplay, or you miss the stream and don't want to find it on Twitch, check out their YouTube channel.


Next up is DnD RAW Podcast (which stands for DnD Rules and Written, not DnD uncooked), which is one of our favorite new shows!  Of course, if you listen all through their episodes (which you absolutely should), you won't find us anywhere -- that's because they're revisiting streaming for a one shot of Dark Matter! You should all give them an extremely warm welcome on

Friday 17th, at 6 PM EST

On their Twitch Channel! And if you find you love these players as much as we do, dig through their podcast here. If you need another reason to stop by: they'll be doing a giveaway of Mage Hand Press branded d20s and stickers, so make sure you show up!

Adversary, Book 3 | Hero Club

And while we're at it, we can't forget to mention our favorite podcast, Hero Club, who are gun-slinging through the Old West on a quest to kill the devil himself in their most recent episode of Adversary. It's not Dark Matter, but (not to spoil it too much) there's one has a hell of a shootout in this one.

If you're interested in playing a western game, check out the Weird West Update (now 25% off with the discount code ADVERSARY.)

Spacecraft | Dark Matter Featurette

Last and certainly least, I showed up in a short featurette to talk about the guiding principles of space travel in Dark Matter. If you're a veteran of the setting, this won't have a lot of new material, but if you're just hearing about it, this might be a good primer.

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